Zodiac Myths to Stop Believing

Zodiac Myths to Stop Believing
Zodiac Myths to Stop Believing

Zodiac Myths: Immediately Stop Believing These 4 Things!

Many skeptics of astrology decide it is untrue because they believe in many myths about it. They will scoff and say that it is impossible for everyone who is born in, lets say June, to have the same personality. What they don’t realize is that astrologers agree with them! It is impossible for everyone who is born in the same month to have the same personality.

Skeptics will also claim that the zodiac cannot make predictions about the future. Professional western astrologers concur on this. How can this be? Let’s bust some zodiac myths and find out.


1. No New 13th Constellation!

Zodiac Myths
Zodiac Myths


Every year or so we see hype about how astrology is wrong, or should change, because NASA discovered a 13th constellation. This is actually a publicity stunt by journalists to trick naive people. Anyone who learns the truth about the Zodiac knows it is a hoax. The confusion occurs when people confuse the constellations with the signs.

In ancient Babylon, the zodiac was seasonal. It was used to determine harvests and festivals. For example, when spring time began it marked a rebirth after winter. The Babylonians noticed that the constellation of Aries represented this season.



This is where people become mistaken, and interpret things in reverse. Astrology observes the 12 months, and the constellations have come to symbolize them. This means that a 13th constellation is irrelevant.

This means your zodiac sign hasn’t changed. In fact, you have the entire zodiac within your personality. I bet you didn’t realize this! We will explore this below.


2. You Are Not Just One Zodiac Sign!

You probably found out your zodiac sign from reading popular magazines or newspapers. These forms of media employ astrologers in order to entertain, not to educate. For the sake of simplicity, they use the sign that the sun was in during the month of your birth to describe a basic prediction. However, expert astrologers know that this is a very minor part of a person’s personality.


Zodiac Myths - You Are Not Just One Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Myths – You Are Not Just One Zodiac Sign


Popular horoscope columns are only based on sun signs because it is easier for you to find out which one you are. You only need to know your birth date to find out which sign the sun was in when you were born. But this is a very minor part of you.

Professional astrologers will also ask you to provide your time of birth, as well as the location. This requires complex computer software to calculate all the parts of your personality. Before computers, they consulted tables, and drew a chart by hand with mathematical instruments. There are many websites online that can calculate this for you for free.

The natal chart looks very complicated when you first see one. But this makes sense because everyone has complex and unique personalities. The time of your birth will determine your “Rising Sign.” Your rising sign is the personality that others see you as.

It is what you feel more comfortable being – and this can be wildly different to your sun sign. The Rising Sign can also change within minutes. So someone born on your birthday can have an entirely different personality to you if they were born at a different time that day. This also changes according to location.

Your true personality contains all the zodiac signs. Each play a part in different areas of your life. The planets, the moon and the sun determine how the zodiac energies manifest through you. Let’s see how this works below with a few examples:

  • The zodiac sign the Sun was in when you were born determines your ego, or soul purpose.
  • The zodiac sign the Moon was in when you were born determines your emotions and moods.
  • The zodiac sign that Mercury was in when you were born determines the way you think and communicate.
  • The zodiac sign that Venus was in when you were born determines how you love and what you want.
  • The zodiac sign that Mars has in when you were born determines your drives and lusts, and how you get what you want.


3. No, You Were Not Born On the Cusp!

Zodiac Myths - No, You Were Not Born On the Cusp
Zodiac Myths – No, You Were Not Born On the Cusp

As I explained above, the calculation of your astrological personality is extremely complex. The natal chart requires very accurate calculations. Then general dates for a zodiac sign that you read about in magazines are rarely accurate.

The day that the sun enters a sign can go back and forth over time. When you have your natal chart calculated by a professional astrologer or astrological software, you will find that the sun was in just one sign. As I mentioned before, this is because the zodiac is seasonal, not based on the literal constellation size.

People sometimes feel that their personality is more like the previous sign. This is likely because they may have other planets in that sign, or it could be their rising sign. It doesn’t mean that you were born on the cusp.

If you look hard enough you will find many of the zodiac signs are familiar in your personality.


4. The Zodiac Does Not Predict the Future!

Zodiac Myths - The Zodiac Does Not Predict the Future
Zodiac Myths – The Zodiac Does Not Predict the Future

The zodiac cannot predict the future any more than a weather report can. When the weatherman tells you it will rain tomorrow, you still determine your personal future based on his prediction. The same is with the zodiac. Astrologers believe that the Sun, Moon and Planets are like energy transmitters.

For example, where the Moon is throughout the day will determine how things will feel at the time. But people always have freewill to determine how they will respond and act on those feelings.




Some people like dancing in the rain, and others prefer an umbrella. People will respond to the zodiac in the same way. This means that we cannot predict world events, or if we will win the lottery.

We can, for example, see if there will be a difficult global mood due to a particular transit of Mars. Or that there will be an amorous frequency in the air because of where Venus is. Whether people act upon those is totally up to them. Astrologers cannot tell you what people will do with the energy they experience.

As you can see, there is more to the zodiac than you have been lead to believe!