Zodiac Myths to Stop Believing

Zodiac Myths to Stop Believing

Zodiac Myths
Zodiac Myths

Zodiac Myths: Immediately Stop Believing These 4 Things!

Many skeptics of astrology decide it is untrue because they believe in many myths about it. They will scoff and say that it is impossible for everyone who is born in, lets say June, to have the same personality. What they don’t realize is that astrologers agree with them! It is impossible for everyone who is born in the same month to have the same personality.

Skeptics will also claim that the zodiac cannot make predictions about the future. Professional western astrologers concur on this. How can this be? Let’s bust some zodiac myths and find out.

1. No New 13th Constellation!

Zodiac Myths - No New 13th Constellation
Zodiac Myths – No New 13th Constellation

Every year or so we see hype about how astrology is wrong, or should change, because NASA discovered a 13th constellation. This is actually a publicity stunt by journalists to trick naive people. Anyone who learns the truth about the Zodiac knows it is a hoax. The confusion occurs when people confuse the constellations with the signs.

In ancient Babylon, the zodiac was seasonal. It was used to determine harvests and festivals. For example, when spring time began it marked a rebirth after winter. The Babylonians noticed that the constellation of Aries represented this season.

This is where people become mistaken, and interpret things in reverse. Astrology observes the 12 months, and the constellations have come to symbolize them. This means that a 13th constellation is irrelevant.

This means your zodiac sign hasn’t changed. In fact, you have the entire zodiac within your personality. I bet you didn’t realize this! We will explore this below.

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