Zodiac Lunar Phase Life-Hack

Zodiac Lunar Phase Life-Hack

Zodiac Lunar Phase Life-Hack
Zodiac Lunar Phase Life-Hack

Did you know that farmers and gardeners have been planning their planting and harvests by the lunar phases of the zodiac, for millennia?


We can learn the secrets of lunar phases from those who work in tune with the earth. This life-hack can help to bring our lives into balance.

You may have noticed that life goes on a rollercoaster, emotions up and down, with people who go hot and then suddenly cold. The phase that the moon is in correlates with universal moods and emotions. Our emotions are like water, and they move about like the tides.

The etymology of the word month originated from the moon. Before the Gregorian calendar, many ancient peoples divided their days, months and years by lunar phases. Since the dawn of time, ancient man has noticed that the moon influences our lives.

Let’s see how the different phases of the moon affect us. Furthermore, we can learn how to use the various stages to pre-empt many events in our lives and ultimately take control.

There are eight lunar phases that symbolize the cycle of life:


New Moon

When the moon is new, it is is not visible. The reason is that it sits between the earth and the sun.

The new moon is a period of darkness. However, you may have noticed that the stars shine brighter when it is darker.  Darkness is the time when what is internal becomes clearer to us. Sparks of new ideas become apparent to us.

Now is the time to plan, create lists, weigh pros and cons and draw a blueprint for you wildest dreams. But don’t take action just yet.

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