Censorship continues with YouTube

With all, we know about Freemasons controlling the world, their bank accounts and agendas, its no surprise YouTube is now strictly monitored. The control of civil liberties, rights and privileges have begun. If you think you live in a free world with free thoughts or anything free, think again. At every turn, available for public consumption is only what “they” decide is okay.

The censorship and control have only just begun. As you sit behind your computer screen or smartphone watching monitored videos, the addition of laws continues. Increasing laws and restrictions is for the betterment of the human race, is according to “them.”


The truth about anything is irrelevant because the agenda is the priority here. As you already know, it’s not your agenda that is the concern.

Mike Cernovich is having his videos pulled and demonized from YouTube. Even though he posted an independent report about the rape crime crisis in Sweden, an official letter from the YouTube police notified him of a shutdown.



Mike is not the only one. Candace Owens also received a reprimand for her video against Black Lives Matter. Additionally, Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions points out increased tracking of all videos that may influence any independent thought of viewers.

In the meantime, every social media giant, web monopoly, and the government is now regulating public output. Independent thoughts, speech and the conveying of any creative human independence are manipulated and dispersed by the demand and regulations of these very institutions.

The fact that most of the world depends on the world wide web is not an indication this tech communication is by accident or a creation of modernity. The capacity for technology existed once upon a time. It is not a modern creation. Only our dependence on this technology is modern.




Unfortunately, all human freedoms are breaking down fast

But that is not all. YouTube collects payment based on the number of views a video or ad gets. One of the points of de-monetizing is to extend jurisdiction over widespread videos  deemed “unfriendly for advertisers.” What they mean to say is, “Hey, don’t steal my business from me or I will cut you off.” Meanwhile, cutting you off is the intention. Although a large portion of payments from videos comes from ads, a collection of ad revenue is based on what is user-friendly.

The people who bring the ads and goods are simultaneously the ultimate authority of what is user-friendly. Soon the redistribution of these very goods will run your life. Posting or not posting videos will be an old concern.


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Don’t be lazy, do your research

Now that you know Mike Cernovich, Ethan Klein, Candace Owens and many more have something of value to say, go around the system and find out what it is. You can decide later if it is of value to you. Obviously, they were silenced for some reason. It’s up to you to find out why.

If you want to break away from this censorship, start a new place to post independent videos with a remote control so no one can shut you down. I recommend you be respectful to viewers; however, this monopoly needs unraveling. It’s a HUGE disastrous knot. If someone can make it obsolete, I say go for it!

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