What is worse? Being Drunk or Stoned?

What is worse? Being Drunk or Stoned?

What is worse? Being Drunk or Stoned?
What is worse? Being Drunk or Stoned?

Did you know that you can die from getting drunk, however, no one has ever died from getting stoned?

The criminalization of marijuana is absurd when you take a scientific look at the difference between getting drunk and getting stoned. Humanity has indulged in both alcohol and marijuana since time immemorial.

However, authorities will arrest you for the one that won’t kill you, and ironically likely indulge themselves in the other deadly one in their spare time.

Clearly, this is not to say that weed is entirely innocent. It is a psychoactive drug that can be extremely damaging to teenagers and dangerous to those with schizophrenia. However, alcohol is no saint, with alcoholism affecting 1 in 12 people in the US alone.

So what exactly do both do to your body when you use them?


Worse case scenarios

How much alcohol will kill you in one sitting?

Not as much as you imagine. Many reported deaths have occurred once people’s blood alcohol level reaches 0.3. What that means, is for the average person, having 15 standard drinks during a 2 hour period can be suicide.

To illustrate, John Bonham, the former drummer of Led Zepplin, infamously died after consuming 16 shots of vodka for breakfast and then following that with another 40 drinks throughout the rest of the day.

How much marijuana will kill you in one sitting?

It is categorically impossible to go on a weed binge and die. A person would need to consume 1500 pounds of marijuana within a 15 minute period for it to kill them.


Detrimental effects of irresponsible consumption of weed vs. alcohol

People who drink irresponsibly are playing a deadly game. Not just deadly to themselves, but deadly to others. Every year, alcohol claims the lives of around 88,000 people. Alcoholism is devastating and extremely hard to cure.

Alcoholism can be genetically inherited if your family has a history. People also use alcohol to numb emotional and mental torment and resultantly end up turning into alcoholics. Environmental factors also turn people to irresponsible drinking. If your culture or community encourage it, you can develop a drinking problem.

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