The world will not miss the crazy mass murderer and cult leader Charles Manson

Charles Manson died of natural causes Sunday, November 19, 2017. The California Department of Correction states he was in their custody for more than 40 years.


In the 1960s Manson convinced people he was the second coming of Jesus Christ. He accrued a following of many women and a few men who believed his tale. Manson convinced his cult family to participate in a murder spree. Manson himself did not commit the killings but did tie up a few of the victims before their brutal deaths. The cult leader and many of his followers were convicted and spent many years in incarceration.



He convinced himself he could start a civil war between blacks and whites

The story is such a sad one. Songs such as Helter Skelter are about him. Additionally, many other cult leaders have followed in his footsteps. The idea of drugging people, abusing them emotionally and physically then convincing them to commit crimes is not something new. Nevertheless, Manson used these tactics quite successfully. Likewise, he kept up with current events and the growing black power movement. He wanted to squelch it and began his murder plans with the intention of blaming it on blacks in the area.

Starting a wave of hatred and discrimination would certainly take the focus off him and his family. Manson believed it would not take much convincing to blame the murders on blacks.
The sociopath psychotic cult leader had a history of his early teens in correctional facilities for various misdemeanors and crimes. Following each prison stint, he found himself unable to relate to the dominant generation. The only home he has ever known is a prison. Manson was unable to function in the real world and often committed crimes merely to wind up back where he felt most at home.


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Charles Manson claims belief in God and all things spiritual

In an interview during his prison sentence when asked if he was afraid to die, Manson said: “Living is what scares me, dying is easy.”

The women involved in the murders admitted it would be easier to receive the death penalty than to live with a daily realization of what they did. Nevertheless, they are all still in prison and must deal with their guilt on a regular basis. One of them confessed she is appalled that Charlie won’t admit his part in the crime.

Ultimately, the passing of this psychologically bereft human being will not be missed or mourned. Despite fathering a few children, Charles Manson’s only legacy was his crazy contribution and criminal acts.

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