In Your Lap is a heart-wrenching love song set amongst the horror of war and revolution and rebellion

Certainly, this is a common theme on this album, the courage of the soul’s longing even in the midst of terror and trauma. Rogue governments of the world have never been able to extinguish this. The Girl from Tel Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel is pure defiance, the continuing theme of a soul that has never kneeled to “husband, dictator, tyrant or king.” Morrissey’s allusions to Israel begin with this song, commenting on a people who have defiantly persisted throughout the millennia, despite incredible adversity. A testament to the fire of a soul that none can extinguish.



All the Young People Must Fall in Love has cheeky folk overtones, and is again, anti-war. Now, so far, Morrissey has sung about how love thrives despite rebellion and questioning authority. But here, in contrast, he appears to reveal how media promotion of stereotypical romantic love and sex can also be a useful smokescreen by governments.

When you Open Your Legs is erotic, mischievous and raw, defying the asexual Morrissey stereotype. Another stereotypical myth promoted in a mainstream media that lie profusely about the singer. His sexuality is merely nobody’s business! Next, this follows with the scathing Who Will Protect us from the Police? A police state where gun laws lead to random death sentences for many crimes that barely deserve prison sentences. Indeed, this could relate to many western countries. However, Morrissey appears to be directly referencing the state of play in Venezuela.


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Morrissey then makes a defiant move that no one need ever consider a defiant move

His song Israel has brought him the most hate from the media and the public. A media and public who are incapable of the simple practice of asking questions. Within this beautiful song, Morrissey sings about a people who have survived, despite coming through battered and bruised. Millennia of hatred from the nations, Israel has endured despite the bloodshed, massacres, and most recently the Holocaust. This song brings tears to the listener’s eyes.

It is almost as though he is singing to an individual. An individual who has lost all sense of self-worth and who needs to learn to love themselves again. Not once does Morrissey sing in support of the state or government of Israel. Those who avoid the song due to its reference to Israel, are doing it from racism and bigotry, as the song is about the people. Blaming Israel for the world’s ills is lazy and old, Morrissey knows this, hence this song.



The world needs a defiant questioner like Morrissey

More than ever, people need their thinking shaken up. People are settling into rigid narratives as a means of belonging to a group, rather than standing up for truth. If you step out of line, whether you are on the right or the left, it is as though your group will abandon you to die. Consequently, no one questions their reality, and the division between left and right has been deemed victorious by the power-hungry elite. As Morrissey sings, all the wars are for oil; it is as simple as that. But apparently, it easier for the governments of the world to find scapegoats for the masses to divert their anger and attention towards. Scapegoats such as Israel.


Morrissey asks the listener to consider their soul, and question the mindless mainstream media messages that bombard them day and night

Any ideology, religion, philosophy or political movement that declares any set of questions forbidden is declaring itself an establishment that needs smashing. The world needs Morrissey’s agitation, even though it is uncomfortable. Those that find what he has to say to be uncomfortable, clearly need his timely agitation the most.


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