Controversy has surrounded the release of Morrissey’s new album Low in High School, which ironically proves that the world needs this artist more than ever before


The mainstream news and music media have unfairly slammed Morrissey for the frank and open way he approaches current affairs on his powerful new album Low in High School. We live in a world in which corrupt governments and corporations have successfully split populations in the most sinister acts of divide and conquer.  Morrissey is the only voice that tells this truth like it is. Defiantly, he bursts this bubble to Smith-ereens, no excuse for the pun.



Left-wing and right-wing are mirror images of each other in this modern day and age. They are all hypocrites accusing each other of the very dirty things they do themselves. Mainstream media, run by corporate whores, whip up the left-wing vs. right-wing frenzy by picking sides, like psychopaths at a cockfight. Morrissey is the only man on earth speaking on a platform about this. And the mainstream media are not having a slice of it.


Consequently, mainstream media make desperate attempts to paint Morrissey as a bigot when meanwhile their publications ooze bigotry and sinister agendas from every pore

Morrissey is anything but a bigot; his international fan base spans the globe. He tours everywhere and discriminates against none. His only stipulation is that the venues he plays at refuse to sell flesh from animals as some kind of horrific excuse for food.


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The new album Low in High School pulls no punches. Anyone that has stopped questioning reality will not like it. Consequently, a selection of supposed now ex-fans are upset by Morrissey’s confrontation of the hypocrisies of modern life. Hilariously, they are making laughably dramatic exits from his fandom. Like Morrissey really cares! He has always been outspoken and questioned the status quo. Indeed, it is ridiculous that it has taken so many years for those fake fans to realize he was never just a fashion bandwagon.


Prior to the album’s release, Morrissey released three tantalizing singles that increased any true fan’s eager anticipation for the entire album

Spent the Day in Bed implores the listener to remember themselves for once, and that maybe a day in bed without any messages from the media might enable them to find their truth and soul again. I Wish You Lonely is goosebump-inducing. Rather than Morrissey wishing loneliness on anyone, this song instead inspires one to feel defiance in the face of loneliness. If you are going to be lonely, he wishes you strength and courage, like a hunted humpback whale. Jacky’s only Happy When She’s Up on The Stage is an act of defiance in the face of abandonment and loss, a triumph of self-honesty.



The opening line of the opening song on the album My Love I’d Do Anything For You immediately declares the position from which Morrissey comes. He sings “Teach your kids to recognize and despise all the propaganda filtered down by the dead echelons mainstream media.

From this point on he makes a clear statement that the opinions and reviews of his album, and of himself, by this media are empty and meaningless. Rightfully, he will say as he pleases despite them. Musically, this is an anthem. Gustavo’s opening wails release the listener’s soul from its prison. The brass section, drums, and glam guitar become the freed soul’s catharsis.


Home is a Question Mark is a triumphant, classic and timeless Morrissey song

Indeed, he could quite easily have released it during any part of his career. It brings the listener home to their core, the raw longing for intimacy with a missing piece that is forever elusive. I Bury the Living could easily expand into an anti-war film, the imagery sung is vivid. Morrissey sings of a “wretched outcast” who chooses a life of army order-taking to give themselves a depressingly artificial purpose in life. Many fans have declared this song to be a favorite.

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