World Changing Inventions Discovered in Dreams

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World Changing Inventions Discovered in Dreams
World Changing Inventions Discovered in Dreams

Many inventions that have changed the world have come to their inventors in dreams.


Many inventors struggle with breakthroughs when making scientific inquiries or trying to come up with the secret formula that becomes the final ingredient in a world changing inventions or new understanding.


World Changing Inventions Discovered in Dreams
World Changing Inventions Discovered in Dreams


Imagine going to sleep one night and dreaming of what the world needs to take it to the next level of technology or scientific discovery. Furthermore, imagine creating inventions that could make you a millionaire! Below we list individuals for whom exactly that happened:


For thousands of years, the cure for diabetes eluded doctors. However, in 1920, a doctor by the name of Frederick Banting became driven to find a cure as his mother had died of the disease. Already a link with insulin had been assumed, but no one could figure out how to use it as a cure.



After a night of frustration, Banting fell asleep, and his subconscious offered him the elusive solution in a dream. In just a few weeks for the results proved successful, and ultimately he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1923.


Lorenzo’s Oil

When doctors diagnosed Michaela and Augusto Odone’s son Lorenzo with an extremely rare disease, they were horrified to learn that there was no known cure. Immediately the parents set about taking the initiative researching what exactly could cure their child themselves.

After tireless research in medical journals, Augusto found himself fall asleep in the library only to have a dream of the precise cure that would indeed successfully heal his son. This story was eventually immortalized in a film starring Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte.


A Cure for Alopecia

Madame C.J. Walker had a dream that would launch her to millionaire status. Suffering from alopecia, she initially sold remedies created by the Annie Turnbo Pope Malone’s Poro Co. However none of the treatments proved adequate in solving her problem.

One night she claimed that a large black man appeared to her and listed the ingredients she needed to mix to create a cure. He allegedly included ingredients that she would have to import from Africa. She did this and had immediate success.


World Changing Inventions Discovered in Dreams
World Changing Inventions Discovered in Dreams

Kevlar Weaving Machine

The DuPont company had been running into difficulties with the machinery they utilized to create their Kevlar fiber. Many expert engineers were called in to try to solve the problem. However, none could resolve the issue. This was becoming an expensive problem costing the company $700 for every minute of downtime.

So when an inexperienced engineer called Floyd Ragsdale tried to explain to his boss that he had discovered the solution in a dream, his boss laughed in his face. But Ragsdale was determined. Instead of leaving and going home at the end of his shift, he adapted the machine with the springs that he had dreamt about. Ultimately the company saved over $3 million as a result.


The Sewing Machine

Elias Howe was struggling to master creating a machine that could alleviate the tiresome work of sewing by hand. He had been pondering the machine’s needle dynamics, but where the hole for the thread should go was not compatible with how such a machine would work.



One night he had a rather controversial dream where cannibals threatened to kill him if he didn’t find an immediate solution to his sewing machine problem. He found himself incapable of finding that solution and the savages set about stabbing with their spears. As it was a dream, he apparently didn’t feel pain. Instead, he noticed an oddity about their spears. Within the point of their spears was a hole.

Once awake, he understood that the needles in his sewing machines needed to have the threading holes also at the tip. And consequently, the sewing machine as we know it today was born.



The most recent technological innovation to appear in someone’s dream was Google. Larry Page once described how when he was aged 23, he had dreamt of being able to download the whole internet into his computer.

After waking from the dream, he immediately wrote down all of the ideas that had come to him. He was then able to incorporate them into reality with the assistance of Sergey Brin. And thanks to that dream, you can read this article, and learn about the power and potential of your dreams. Maybe you could dream of inventions that could make you a millionaire one day too. You better get some sleep then!