Women Wish Men Would Know What Being a Good Lover Is

Women’s Guide to Good Sex
Women’s Guide to Good Sex

Women’s Guide to Great Sex – How to

Most men think good sex is about pushing it in, moving it around, orgasm, then falling asleep. For most men, accomplishing this is possible in less than five minutes.


Have you ever wondered how to please your woman in bed best?

Yes, it’s true women is complex creatures, but when it comes to revving up sex engines and reaching the finish line, certain basics consistently apply.

The obvious and most important sex organ is the brain. It lets us know of our attraction to another person. It signals all our sexual organs to warm up. Even with a little imagination, it can bring you to arousal and complete orgasm.

Creating the right circumstances for sex to occur is part of foreplay. Foreplay is necessary for every woman to get her ready. It’s the difference between lighting a fire with a match or rubbing two sticks together. Obviously, they both have the same outcome, but one makes the fire easier. Your goal should be to get her aroused enough so she can reach climax quickly and easily. The more this happens, the easier it will be to make it happen.


Kissing just happens to be one of the most intimate expressions

Smooching can reveal your level of arousal and your emotions. Don’t let it be limited to lips touching, and tongues probing the recesses of your mouth. There is an entire body to explore with your lips and tongue. Unlike men, every naked area of a woman’s body is an erogenous zone. Men are simple. Lips, dick, and anything else hanging between their legs.


Consider all body parts and recesses in between fair game

I wouldn’t dare to infer men can’t be aroused in other ways, but they are built with their motors running. How hard can it be to go from zero to ten when you start with a sex organ in position and standing at attention?

Women start from no desire what so ever. It’s the touching that gets them excited and interested in sex. Desire builds from knowing your partner wants you. That’s a huge turn-on for women. Some women can’t even orgasm if they are unaware their partner is enjoying themselves. Thus, being vocal is important too.


Whispering sexy messages or encouragements can increase the desire for both men and women.

As much as a guy loves a great blow job, women love to be kissed, licked and stimulated orally. Cunnilingus is an all time favorite. Much the same way as it is for men.



Women’s Guide to Good Sex
Women’s Guide to Good Sex


The warm, wet kiss between her legs will get her moving and moaning until the final bridge takes her to the brilliant release of nerve endings reach home.

Men have to remember that each woman has varying sensitivities. In other words, pressure can fluctuate depending on the woman, and the time of the month.

Not many men are aware the clitoris is the shape of a wishbone. There are many ways to touch this love button and stimulate your woman with varying degrees of pressure, texture, and temperature. No doubt if you take the time, you will find out what her preferences are. Most women will orgasm from the clit or a combination of sensations around it.


Although an orgasm is possible internally with penetration, it’s less likely

After a woman has reached an orgasm, you can continue penetration if you haven’t begun already and this time you have permission to reach the finish line too. When you are both satisfied and feeling relieved, then and only then you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

It’s important to say that a woman wants sex to last more than a few minutes. She wants to know that you want to spend some time in the bedroom doing naughty things that only the two of you share. Change positions often to keep things from getting boring. The same positions over and over again are a real killer.


Additionally, watching pornography will kill your sex life. The sex you see isn’t real or satisfying for those involved in making the movies. Porn is good for one thing, teaching you about body parts. We recognize those, so we don’t need to watch a movie to figure that out. So cut it out!

Having said that, if it turns you on,  you can watch yourself and your partner with a mirror. That’s one of the nice things about changing positions. You can catch an angle and enjoy sex holistically. We’re not only talking about angles from body parts but also from your visual perspective.


Sex is a beautiful experience

You can bring passion and add an explosive desire to your encounter, or you can have a loving, gentle rendezvous. It’s up to you to change it up. Keep it fresh and new as much as possible.

One more very important point to always remember. Keep your hands clean and fingernails trimmed. Not only can UTIs occur but the warm wet wonderful breeding ground is a favorite vacation spot for bacteria of all kinds.

Last words of advice, keep it fun and new, keep it interesting, keep it satisfying, and keep it clean!