Winter Nail Trends 2017

Winter 2017 nail trends
Winter 2017 nail trends

Winter Nail Trends 2017

Mischievous kamifubuki, holographic nails, fluffy flocking nails, mirror glitter, moody chameleon and tender rhinestones from the other side of the nail – how to get the look of these trends is listed below!



Winter 2016—17 brought us several new and incredibly hot trends in nail designs. And we are talking not only about new versions of good old techniques but also about some innovations from the real nail masters.


Kamifubuki or confetti

Winter 2017 nail trends - Kamifubuki or confetti
Winter 2017 nail trends – Kamifubuki or confetti

It turns out that kamifubuki is the main trend this winter. The name of this method is Chinese because these bright nail confetti were created in China. This name can be translated as “paper storm”. You may think that colorful circles, hearts, rhomboids and stripes are unassuming. But it’s not as simple as it may look!

Kamifubuki is a real designer product that can be perfectly utilized to create a lot of unique designs. The main difference between confetti and more conventional glitter is the painstaking selection of sizes and colors. One can find sets with totally incredible color combinations: yellow-black-white, blue-green-pink, burgundy-grey-purple… There are thousands of possible combinations!

Now let’s say a few words about the practical creation of new designs. The most popular technique is the reverse French (or “A la French”). Smaller particles are located on one side of the nail, leading on to larger elements. It then appears like some kind of gradient.

Kamifubuki can also be used to create different patterns: geometry, flowers, abstract… Even your experiments with this confetti may take the whole winter!





Prism — manicure with holographic effect

Winter 2017 nail trends - Prism
Winter 2017 nail trends – Prism

Holographic nails are the ultimate chic solution for this cold season! In order to get such nails one should not use a polish, but a “Prism” pigment. This mirror powder with holographic particles has to be rubbed directly into the nail cover (the base for the nail polish).

After becoming dry your nail will look like a hologram, furthermore, it will feel incredibly smooth. These nails are the best choice for real fans of metallic glitter.


Flocked nails — cozy cashmere nails with “fur coat” design

Winter 2017 nail trends - Flocked nails
Winter 2017 nail trends – Flocked nails

It’s winter time so you will need a fur coat. Don’t forget about the one for your nails. It can be easily reproduced by using flocked nail technology, which is when nails are covered with soft textile powder. Even though this technique involves the same principle as famous caviar or velvet nails, the result is totally different.

Many manufacturers offer various fluffy flocked nail polishes, which can be used to create cashmere or velvet nails in a matter of minutes. Your “fur coat” may have any different color, as well as a length of “fur”. By the way, you don’t have to use only one color, you can easily combine various shades on one hand!


Mirror glitter

Winter 2017 nail trends - Mirror glitter
Winter 2017 nail trends – Mirror glitter

Do you think that you may have already seen these nails a couple of years ago? You are partly right because gold and silver nails almost became trendy with the help of special thermal film. But it proved too difficult and nails would lose their initial appearance incredibly fast.

This year the geniuses in the world of nail design created a special mirror glitter powder. It also comes in an unlimited number of colors! The main color this winter is the chrome mirror glitter, which is cold and glossy. The best choice for a real Snow Queen!

Celebrities such as Pink, Rihanna, Blake Lively, Gareth Pugh, Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid have already shown off their mirror nails to their audiences.





Chameleon thermal nail polish – changes color with the temperature

Winter 2017 nail trends - Chameleon thermal nail polish
Winter 2017 nail trends – Chameleon thermal nail polish

Winter is the best time to use thermal nail polishes with this chameleon effect. Your nails will have one color in the office and a totally different one in the street. If you want, you can add an image to your chameleon nails, but it’s not essential.

Your cute hands are always feeling frozen in the wintertime, so these thermal nail polishes will provide you with an even more uniquely beautiful appearance! When you are sitting in a warm room, but your fingers are cold, your nails will always appear as though they have just had a French manicure!





Rhinestones on the underside of the nail

Winter 2017 nail trends - Rhinestones
Winter 2017 nail trends – Rhinestones

Is it fair that all the attention is paid only to the upper side of the nail? It’s twice unfair if your nails are long and beautiful. In order to attract more attention to the underside of the nail, designers have created a very unusual idea.

They decided to put some rhinestones there! The exact scheme will depend on the size of your nails, thus you can use merely one rhinestone or create a line of them… Thanks to Gigi Hadid this nail design became incredibly trendy!

Use one of these ideas for your adorable nails and be the most stylish person of this winter season!