Will the Zodiac Make or Break these Hot Celebrity Couples? (Video)

Do the planets say these sexy celebrity couples will make the distance, or end in break up?

Will the Zodiac Make or Break these Hot Celebrity Couples?
Will the Zodiac Make or Break these Hot Celebrity Couples?

Celebrity couples notoriously never make the distance with their relationships, and a day never goes by when the gossip pages don’t report another breakup.

Occasionally, some celeb couples quietly form strong bonds and create no media scandal ripples. So we wonder what the stars have to say about why this is so. Below we will look at the astrological compatibility of 2017’s hottest celebrity couples to see whether on not they will make it, or the planets will break them apart.


Brooklyn Beckham & Chloe Grace Moretz

Brooklyn Beckham is celebrity royalty, being the eldest son of famous footballer David Beckham and ex-girl band singer Victoria Beckham. With these genes, he can attract some pretty hot women on the celebrity circuit. His latest connection is model and actress Chloe Grace Moretz. The pair shared a cozy Instagram pic with the world only a couple of weeks ago.



But do the stars suggest that this pair will last the difference? Pisces Beckham could easily fall into delusions surrounding romantic connections with someone who is not interested in getting serious. Aquarius Moretz is one of the more loyal of the air signs. Such a relationship is as though lightening bolt Moretz has struck the deep ocean of Beckham’s emotions. She fills his dreams. If the relationship is not to go the distance, it will be that Moretz finds Beckham to be too emotional and clingy. Moretz really needs the freedom to breathe and feel independent.


Mariah Carey & Bryan Tanaka

Mariah Carey is one of the most famous divas in modern times. Still looking hot and sexy while in her late 40s, she manages to attract very young men. The current prey for Cougar Carey is 34-year-old Bryan Tanaka, an up and coming pop singer. Tanaka actually started his career as a backup dancer for Carey.



Aries Carey is notorious for devouring men like they are selections from a box of candies. Tanaka is an Aries too, so his flavor is very familiar to Carey, who is 9 years older than him. Both Carey and Tanaka will be extremely headstrong and independent. If they aren’t heading for the same goals in life, they will part company extremely quickly. Nevertheless, their fiery sex in the interim will keep them very busy.


Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner rose to fame when notoriously her wealthy family decided to make a reality TV show. Since then, the Jenner daughters have been choosing their lovers from the celebrity circuit. Jenner’s current love interest is rapper Travis Scott, with whom she claims she can “be more myself.”


Jenner is a Leo, and this is evident, as she loves to lap up the celebrity lime light. She loves to be worshipped, and Scott’s Taurus personality loves to worship all things beautiful. On the outset, this will feel like a match made in heaven for the pair. Jenner has found a willing devotee. However, her fiery demands may incite a stubborn anger from Scott. While this match could last, it will not be without its fights. Time will tell if they can last the distance.


Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez

After much speculation as to whether JLo was on or off with Drake or Alex Rodriguez, it now seems clear who was her preferred choice. And this couple does indeed look couple. The latino celebs have recently been logging their adventures on Instagram giving everyone no doubt. Consequently, this has led to many gossip mags speculating if there will be wedding bells between the singer and the former baseballer.



Both JLo and Rodriguez are Leos, so both of them enjoy basking in their mutual worship for one another. Like a lioness and lion basking in the sunshine on the savannah. The pair ooze warmth and appear to have a really sweet connection. If both of them can keep their egos in check, they might be able to take this relationship long term.


Selena Gomez & The Weeknd

Singer and actress Selena Gomez avoided coupling for a short period, so when fans spotted her smooching The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) in January, rumor mills went into overdrive wondering if they were a couple! It turns out, they did make it official, and the pair appears almost inseparable. Gomez even jetted over to Europe to catch up with her boyfriend mid-tour.



Gomez is Cancer, which means she is emotional and nurturing. This is evident in all the images we see of the pair, as she is draped all over him, and always seeking reassurance. Gomez has struggled with depression and regularly sees a therapist. The Weeknd, however, is an independent Aquarius – too many emotions are too much for them. There is something rock-like about an Aquarius male, but they do believe emotions should be controlled. This could create a problem between the couple, as he may run out of patience with her unpredictable moods and her constant seeking of reassurance.