Who Will Outlive the Other – Viruses or Humans?

Who Will Outlive the Other – Viruses or Humans?

Deadliest Viruses
Deadliest Viruses

It is almost like there is a race between whether humans will outlive viruses or vice versa

Just when we get excited by the discovery of a new vaccine or drug, new viruses appears, or a new strain that is resistant to all currently developed medications. We recall in our minds the history of epidemics, and it gives us a reason to feel fear – for thousands of years there have been instances where populations have been wiped out by contagious diseases.

The infamous plague referred to as the “Black Death” which occurred during the 1340s immediately springs to mind, – it killed approximately 25 million people. It also seems as though every year or so, another threat of a virus with a black death killing ferocity will consume another population.



There is a media frenzy, everyone is in a panic, and scientists rush to throw funding and resources into finding a cure. It seems as though there is a race on earth between who will outlive the other – viruses or humans. We fear wild large animal attacks, but it is the microscopic life forms that are more likely to kill us. We have listed some of the deadliest viruses that you could potentially contract, below.



Deadliest Viruses - Influenza
Deadliest Viruses – Influenza

Catching the “flu” each year seems to be almost a tradition in the modern world – and in the majority of cases we are healthy enough to withstand the experience, and our body fights it off. Unfortunately,

the very young and elderly are at risk of not coping so well with this virus, and frequent issuing of updated vaccines attempt to give a boost to their immunity. But any deaths from influenza are generally from this particular population base, so there are still around 500,000 yearly deaths from influenza.





Worse, certain strains of the influenza virus have created epidemics. The “Spanish Flu” of 1918 is claimed to have taken around 100 million lives – 20% of people infected died. Another flu that medical experts are trying to gain control over is the H5N1 bird flu – and although it is not yet able to be spread via other people, it has proved fatal for 60% of the 600 individuals who have managed to contract it.



Deadliest Viruses - Ebola
Deadliest Viruses – Ebola

It was only announced at the beginning of this year, 2017, that a new vaccine for Ebola has finally trialled successfully. It had been a race against time to find a vaccine for Ebola. Sadly, during the most recent outbreak, it killed 11000 people. As a result, it created a global panic.

This virus causes a viral hemorrhagic fever. It starts with flu-like symptoms and then develops into a rash, diarrhea, and vomiting. People start to bleed externally and internally, and the liver and kidneys stop functioning correctly.

It spreads through bodily fluids and humans can catch it from an animal. Luckily it is not airborne. Half of the people that contract it don’t survive.



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