Who will Aries Fall Madly in Love With?

Which zodiac signs cause Aries to fall madly in love?

Zodiac - Aries
Zodiac - Aries

When it comes to falling madly in love, Aries is pretty picky about who they feel is compatible.

Which zodiac signs will people with strong Aries energy fall madly in love with? And which zodiac signs will cause Aries dominant people to run screaming for the hills?

If you have one or more inner planets in Aries, in your natal chart, then you will feel deep compatibility with certain people, and genuinely uncomfortable with others. You may find you relate to the following descriptions if your Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus or Rising Sign is in Aries. If you have more than one of those in Aries, these could really resonate profoundly with you:


A fellow Aries is your kindred spirit

Everything feels in sync, and you both feel like you are facing life in the same direction. Whatever comes your way, is perceived quite similarly. However, just be careful not to become too much like brother and sister!


Either a Gemini or an Aquarius would be your dream lover

Both Gemini and Aquarius feel like a gentle breeze of oxygen that keeps your inner fire of passion burning. Gemini seems to understand your mind flawlessly and can read you like an open book. Aquarius seems to comprehend your vision and wants to see you realize this.


Either a Leo or a Sagittarius would be your twin flame

A relationship with Leo and Sagittarius feels harmonious and natural. Leo is fun and romantic, and together you create something real together.  Sagittarius opens your mind and helps you set your soul free.


Libra could be your soul mate – or worst enemy!

Libra feels like your missing piece, the part of you that you lack. And while they say opposites attract, opposites are merely a mirror image of ourselves. Obviously, sometimes, we see things we don’t like about ourselves in the mirror. This is why Libra could also become your worst enemy!


You find Cancer just too frustrating!

You may feel like Cancer reminds you of your mother in some ways, and you feel like they stifle who you are, and who you want to be. Nevertheless, there is no love lost, as Cancer sees you as intimidating and far too patronizing.


Capricorn feels way too intimidating!

You may feel like Capricorn looks down their nose at you. Maybe you are even secretly envious of everything they have achieved. You interpret this as patronizing and unattractive. Nevertheless, there is no love lost, as Capricorn finds you endlessly frustrating.


When you meet a Pisces or a Taurus, you barely notice each other

Pisces seems too distant and out of touch, while from your perspective Taurus looks contrived. Still, the feeling is somewhat mutual. Pisces thinks you are contrived, while Taurus believes you are distant and out of touch.


Virgo is too boring

A relationship with Virgo would just feel like too much hard work for you, and to be honest, they make you feel a little bored. Nevertheless, there is something about you that makes Virgo feel too uncomfortable. It could be that they see you as their worst nightmare.


You actually slightly fear Scorpio

To be honest, the thought of having a relationship with a Scorpio makes you a little nervous. There is something about them which arouses some of your fears, and you feel a relationship with them could turn into a nightmare. Still, Scorpio isn’t too interested in you either. To be honest, you probably cause them to roll their eyes on a regular basis, as they see you as a bit tedious.