Most Powerful Families Who Controls the World?

Most Powerful Families Who Controls the World?

Who exactly are the most powerful families?

Who Controls the World
Who Controls the World

Who exactly are the most powerful 13 families who control the world?

Who is in control of the world? A question like this usually attracts eye-rolls, or conspiracy theorists waxing lyrical about the Illuminati (“the enlightened ones”). You may not even claim to care. But chances are it’s prime time to question the current state of play in the world.

It’s time to question governments obsessed with forcing regime changes and politicizing the repercussions of poorly-managed interventions into global nightmares such as ISIS, the European refugee crisis, the rise of far-right politics, and of course – the killing of thousands of innocent civilians. Question why governments allow power to accumulate and be wielded without culpability by a mere handful of companies, creating a virtual monopoly that dominates the global economy.

The Occupy movement of 2011 dared to question social and economic inequality. Sadly, it suffered from a lack of focus and never quite managed to sustain the huge momentum it had initially built-up. It did manage to enlighten the public about the gross mismanagement and cavalier attitude towards financial risks undertaken by major banks and financial institutions, and it did considerable damage to Wall Street’s reputation – one that wasn’t exactly pristine, to begin with.


Who Controls the World - economic inequality
Who Controls the World – economic inequality


In the aftermath of the financial crisis, offending banks still continue grappling with billion dollar lawsuits. But no head honcho has yet been prosecuted. In fact, accusations against alleged wrongdoers haven’t even made it to court, while whistle-blowers have been marginalized or fired.





Are the major shareholders at these banks too powerful to be brought to justice? Is there is a nexus between the government and certain multinational conglomerates that allow hegemony to flourish, that renders the common man powerless against the financial power of the billionaire class?

It may be so.

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Global corporate control is vested among only 147 companies

After analyzing 43,060 transnational companies, systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich found that global corporate control is wielded by a mere 147 companies. They include Barclays PLC, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Deutsche Bank AG, Credit Suisse Group, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and Capital Group Companies Inc. Additionally, the study found that 737 companies control 80% of the wealth in the global economy.


Who Controls the World - transnational companies
Who Controls the World – transnational companies


A report in revealed that four banking giants – Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase are the major stockholders at literally all Fortune 500 companies. This is a significant revelation from “the too much power in too few handsconversations revolving around the concentration of wealth and money – an awful amount of it. Here are some key points from the study:

  • The top 25 US bank holding companies are owned by the US Trust Corporation, which dates back to 1853 and is currently owned by the Bank of America. Its directors have included Walter Rothschild, Exxon Mobil’s Richard Tucker, JP Morgan Chase’s Daniel Davison, Citigroup’s Daniel Roberts, and Morgan Stanley’s Marshall Schwartz.
  • 10 banks possess control of 12 Federal Reserve Bank branches.
  • A mere eight families control 80% ownership of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. According to Wikipedia, this is the largest branch (by assets) as well as the most active and influential of all the 12 Reserve Bank branches. They include the Rothschilds, Warburgs, and Rockefellers.





Families who control the world

Who is in control of the world? The elite has access to a lot of the opportunities not afforded to the middle class or low-income class. From buying their way into admission into ivy-league schools and attracting investor interest for their business ventures by virtue of their multimillionaire parents’ or spouse’s connections, to getting away with a slap on the wrist for crimes that would probably cost the common man a jail sentence, privilege makes a big difference.

Here’s a brief discussion of the privileged few:

1. Rothschild

Who Controls the World - Rothschild
Who Controls the World – Rothschild

The Rothschild family – whose prowess for international finance, and grip over the banking industry goes back to the 1760s – does not flaunt its wealth, which is estimated to be in the trillions (they’re never featured on the Forbes annual list of the richest people or families on the planet).

Besides the aforementioned control over the Federal Reserve, the Rothschild dynasty owns and/or controls a bank in literally every country in the world, from the Bank of Afghanistan and the Bank of Central African States to the Bank of France, the Bank of Israel, the Central Bank of Norway and the Bank of Zambia.


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