What Does Your Favorite Cake Says About Your Personality

    What Does Your Favorite Cake Says About Your Personality
    What Does Your Favorite Cake Says About Your Personality

    Okay, I am going to say it, cake is Life. The soft sponge with creamy frosting in infinite flavors and that sweet deliciousness, is enough to make the life a little bit better. You might not know it yet but when you choose a cake to eat, you are telling the baker your personality too. Cake is not a momentary lapse of consciousness but it is a well-informed decision that you make according to your nature, behavior and personality. So let’s see what personality traits do you possess depending on your choice of cake.

    Chocolate Cake

    If you love chocolate cake, you are caring and comforting. You will go to any length to stand by your near and dear ones. You are the type of friend that everybody needs and loves.

    Vanilla Cake

    You live by the saying “Always Classy and Never Trashy”. You are an epitome of classiness and simplicity, who is soft at heart and is well aware of the etiquette on the dining table. You are lavish and magnanimous with a spirit of wild fire deep inside.

    Butterscotch Cake

    The ‘Mother Hen’ of the group, you are wise of them all. Your sensibility and maturity is widely praised. You think before making every move and that pays off well. Liked by all and hated by none, you are everybody’s go to person for any kind of problem.

    Black Forest Cake

    Strong and resilient, you live by “Never Say Never” attitude. You write your own fate and nothing can bother you. Fearless and a perfectionist, you give your best to everything and expect the same from everyone else.

    Coffee Cake

    A hopeless romantic, everything you do is always brimming with loads of love. For you, love is the force that makes the world go round. No one can convince you otherwise. Laid back and relaxed, you love yourself as much as you love others.

    Fruit Cake

    Always ready to face a challenge, your enthusiasm is infectious. Persistent and zesty, people always want to be around you and your stories are always heard with attention.

    Red Velvet Cake

    Independent and individualistic, you work best when you work alone. You are ready to face any challenge in life. You keep your life to yourself and have major trust issues, howsoever, people trust you with all their secrets. People think you walk with an attitude, however, you are the kindest human being they have known!

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