Ways to Avoid a Mercury Retrograde Meltdown!

Ways to Avoid a Mercury Retrograde Meltdown!

Ways to Avoid a Mercury Retrograde Meltdown!
Ways to Avoid a Mercury Retrograde Meltdown!

Everyone dreads Mercury retrograde!

Miscommunications, malfunctioning technology, and your car decides to break down! Just when you have that important meeting!

You feel you are heading towards some kind of MELTDOWN! And this makes things worse, as everyone is equally as frustrated as you. No one seems to understand. And others are difficult to interpret.

Mercury goes retrograde about 3 times every year. The planet doesn’t literally start orbiting backward, however. It just appears to do that from our perspective on Earth.

The next Mercury retrograde will begin on April 9. It will appear to go direct again on the 3rd of May. It has just recently entered Taurus, however, it will start to move back into Aries.

It will be like your mind will start out in a slow reverse. Suddenly it will feel like someone hit the accelerator. Things may feel a little bit crazy!


So what can you do to avoid a Mercury retrograde Meltdown?

Check your zodiac sign below to find out:



March 21 – April 19

Zodiac - Aries
Zodiac – Aries

Aries doesn’t like things going backward, as it is impatient to reach its goals. So Mercury retrograde is always frustrating for you! This Mercury retrograde will make you feel really misunderstood. So exercising patience is extremely important!

Your ego might take a bit of a bashing, however, try to remember that others don’t intend to bring you down. This is your perception. They are most likely oblivious and see you as the same fiery spritely person they always see. What is happening is you are seeing in a mirror, the judgments are your own.

Take this time during Mercury retrograde to rearrange your appearance. Be who you really think you are.



April 20 – May 20

Zodiac - Taurus
Zodiac – Taurus

Just when you think messages are becoming a lot more clarified, they start to become confused. You may actually feel like you are fast losing your mind!

It could start to feel like you are talking under water. You just can’t seem to express things how you want. It could feel like a nightmare.

During this Mercury retrograde period, Taurus must reexamine their internal way of thinking. Spend time being retrospective, mindful and meditative. Journaling will be extremely fruitful for you. You might that certain ways of thinking that you have need rehabilitating.



May 21 – June 20

Zodiac - Gemini
Zodiac – Gemini

Mercury rules Gemini, so you are always more acutely affected when it retrogrades. But you do have something in your favor that can help prevent a meltdown!

Anything to do with communication and being the social butterfly excites you. If you can avoid trying to communicate any new messages or enter any new social circles, you will be better off.

Seek out an old social circle that you may have neglected recently. You will have a marvelous time hanging our and reminiscing! Retelling old stories will reignite long lost friendships. Reconnect with the people who made you who you are today.

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