Wasp Venom Cancer Drug Delays Treatment And Cure

Wasp and Scorpion Venom cures cancer | Video and image credits: Gary Lite via Youtube

Wasp Venom Cancer Drug Delays Treatment And Cure
Wasp Venom Cancer Drug Delays Treatment And Cure

A small winged wasp friend from southeast Brazil holds a unique compound waiting for detection

The Brazilian Wasp, along with the Brazilian yellow scorpion retain within their venom, proteins useful in anti-microbial and anti-cancer treatment. The Wasp, Polybia Paulista, venom mixture holds bioactive toxins, which target bacteria explicitly and not red blood cells.

It’s amino acid MP1 bellows a hole through T-cell membranes creating a leak efficiently destroying the cancer cell. Scientists studying this venom and the leaky death of the cell also discovered MP1 is effective in warding off bladder and prostate cancer. Additionally, MP1 could efficiently kill leukemia.



Venom from the scorpion, Tityus serrulatus, proves to have anti-microbial and anti-cancer elements as well

Through these studies, researchers have found the only way to access the healing properties is directly. While drug companies would prefer to duplicate the combination of proteins for a new cancer drug, the only valid method of absorption into the cancer cells is with direct application.

Data from serious analysis concludes the molecular composition of the venom enhances identification and synthesis for the design of anti-venoms and immunotherapy. Any change in the original venom consistency will change the effects. It will result in a much less effective cancer cure. Therefore, it is imperative to synthesize the venom without pharmaceutical interference.



Natures Wealthy Cures

Nature provided this venom, and it will heal all ailments. To synthesize the natural cure would only make it ineffective and possibly dangerous for human use.

In addition to wasp and scorpion effective anti-cancer serum, snake venom also retains specific actions to cells, particularly tumor cells. Simultaneously, therapeutic management of cancer effects will significantly increase with the venom from a snake.

In fact, cancer pain may decrease substantially. Obviously, caution and an anti-venom must be actively available during such treatment. However, the profound effects create life-altering results for the cancer patient.

Natures cures such as venom, must not be underestimated. Escpecially in the cancer and medical industries. Nevertheless, the protocols will not allow such a natural cure without first wasting time with fake analysis and fraudulent clinical trials. Likewise, at least one scientist, one doctor and one insurance company would need to make the treatments available. Ethically its the correct decision to make.



Hopefully, some cancer patient somewhere will find relief if not full recovery from the pain and suffering of cumulative cancer. What we see too often, the typical delay tactics designed by the drug companies to keep these cures at bay while scrambling to gain patents. It allows them to garner control and manipulate the chemical for their purpose.


A typical disclaimer looks like this

“But while these findings are exciting, much more work is needed in the lab and clinical trials before we will know if drugs based on this research could benefit cancer patients.”

Brazilian wasp and scorpion studies, open the door and idea that other venoms in healthcare and medical treatments are useful. Jellyfish venom is another avenue to study. Accordingly, application of these procedures must proceed with ethical and moral decency. That means plants, animals and wildlife are under our surveillance. As human beings, we have the right and moral access to protect and utilize all of natures wealths.

Individual health is the responsibility of every private person. Likewise, the right to decide how to apply a cure and obtain it is also our responsibility.

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