OMG! War Robot Mimics Humans


When we see colossal war robots in movies like Avatar or Aliens, we have our breath taken away

And are extremely grateful that they are merely just sophisticated animatronics that remain harmless once the cameras stop rolling. Or are they?

Menacing, and looking like your worst nightmare from a futuristic science fiction film, “METHOD-1” is a 2-ton robot that was created by Vitaly Bulgarov, a concept artist who previously worked for the popular game “Starcraft,” in conjunction with Korea Future Technology.


War Robot Mimics Humans
War Robot Mimics Humans


In a video recently revealed on the internet, this shiny metallic monster is seen walking across the floor of it’s developer’s lab. Bulgarov admits that he modeled the METHOD-1 on war robots he had previously worked on in Hollywood films like Transformers 4 and Robocop. This scary piece of technology has been in development for the past 2 years, but the creators feel there is a long way to go until it reaches the capabilities they envisage for it.


This ferocious metallic beast towers at a height of approximately 4 meters.

It has a remarkable set of motor functions, that include arms, hands, and legs that literally shake the ground as it walks along.

But despite fears that it could be used as some kind of war machine. Bulgarov, wishes to reassure everyone that the robot was built purely to experiment with the possibilities of engineering: his greatest passion.

Whilst the robotics company in Seoul are very reluctant to disclose any of the goals of this project. Remaining suspiciously secretive, Bulgarov has stated that he believes that the robot could be advanced to become utilized for more practical purposes.



War Robot Mimics Humans
War Robot Mimics Humans


Its individual fingers provide for it the nimbleness required to undertake detailed work

The rotating joints in its ankles provide stability when the legs shift its weight, enabling it to retain steadiness on unpredictable terrain.

The robot has a cockpit in which a pilot sits, and this trained operator moves their own body in the way it wishes for the robot to mimic. The possibilities for it’s use are endless.

From working in construction sites to helping save lives and remove debris in dangerous disaster zones, war would likely be the last thing on the mind of anyone who one day utilizes this technology.


And once the ergonomics and exterior are developed more finely, the potentials for it’s use in deep sea exploration, or even in space, really opens up

Let’s just hope this amazing technology never gets into the hands of anyone evil, because in the back of our minds it is obvious that we are all imagining its potential to wreak havoc!

Even the UN are suspicious of technology that could potentially be used with weapons, and feel war technologies are getting out of control. They will hold their fifth review conference in 2017, where they will debate banning so called “killer robots“.

So what do you think? A lovable robot giant, or a sinister war machine? Or even just a gimmick for an upcoming film? Comment your thoughts below.