Srebrenica, Bosnia in 1995 was a war zone of horrific measure

Colonel General, Ratko Mladic of the Army of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina along with a joint criminal enterprise, began a genocide not seen since World War II. Mladic and his cohorts started an inhumane transfer of human populations. First, they divided male and female citizens. Following the separation, deportation, killing, persecution, terrorizing and taking of hostages began the ethnic cleansing Mladic instigated.



To this day there are mass graves in the area of Srebrenica

Recently the trial against Mladic has come to a close. The International Criminal Tribunal located in The Hague has come to a verdict against the former Colonel General. Mladic was found guilty to 10 out of 11 charges of crimes committed against humanity. He will now serve a life sentence in prison.

Mladic’s responsibility in the genocide against Muslim Bosnians in Srebrenica where more than 7,000 murdered males began trial in May 2012. The time between the massacre and the trial Mladic spent in refuge. The tribunal indicted 161 people who maintained a connection with the same crimes during the wars in former Yugoslavia.


Infographic: Former Serb General Mladic Sentenced to Life in Prison | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


The trial lasted 530 days

Against the Colonel, 377 witnesses appeared in court, and more than 9800 discovery proofs admitted as evidence. He was found guilty for two counts of genocide, five counts of crimes against humanity, three counts of persecutions, four counts of extermination, five counts of murder, seven counts of deportation, eight counts of inhumane acts and forcible transfer.

The lives he took and the ones he ruined are numerous, to say the least. Raped women from the massacre will never be the same. Additionally, they must live with their male loved ones having such a brutal end.


The people of Bosnia suffered and continued to struggle with the genocide

The principle responsibility of the genocide was attributed senior officers in the Bosnian Serb army. However, the United Nations admitted to failure to protect the Bosnians in Srebrenica. Furthermore, Kofi Annan, UN secretary general wrote: “Through error, misjudgment and an inability to recognize the scope of the evil confronting us, we failed to do our part to help save the people of Srebrenica.”



Evidence proved there were satellite images of the mass graves and killings which the UN ignored

The UN presents the biggest problem with this case. Officials not only were aware of the genocide and massacres taking place, but they also pretended not to know about it until faced with the apparent reality at which point, apologizing is more acceptable than admitting participation. The UN does not serve or live up to its objective. Moreover, it is a body which oversees these types of international high crimes.


Serbia claims no involvement in the genocide

Meanwhile, Serbia claims no involvement in the genocide. It passed a resolution apologizing for failing to prevent the massacre as if that was enough to mend the damage.

Mladic receives a conviction for the highest crimes committed against humanity according to International Law. The United Nations holds an even more elevated position. That position is one of overseer. As overseer, the organization already knows what is happening. Claiming ignorance is merely an excuse. An apology does not suffice for the “crime against humanity” to which they were privy.

I’d like to see that trial at the Hague.

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