Volkswagen Pays Billions to Cover Emissions Cheating

Volkswagen Pays Billions to Cover Emissions Cheating
Volkswagen Pays Billions to Cover Emissions Cheating

Volkswagen is an internationally known automotive manufacturer

In the past, they have not only sold passenger vehicles. They also distribute commercial vehicles, engines, and turbomachinery. Volkswagen ranks so high in automaker sales and market shares. Their name has been a leader in automobiles for centuries. Why would they ever want to come down from this place of complete success and control over their market?

Unfortunately, someone made a bad decision. The ramifications are costing Volkswagen and all its umbrella companies not to mention subsidiary companies a class action suit and recall of a ridiculous number of vehicles. Consequently, this scandal is tarnishing their name and reputation, not to mention costing them a great deal of money.


The scandal began with a small device built into their automobiles

This device measures emissions at a safe level. However, the device only activates when testing the cars. Put through a stationary test; the device automatically slips the car into a type of safety mode.

Once the vehicles are on the road, the engine power and performance switches out of test mode. However, during operation, the cars emit more than forty times the permitted nitrogen oxide levels. This pollution can cause respiratory diseases, bronchitis and of course emphysema.



Another symptom which has put Volkswagen in trouble is the de-acceleration the cars with the device experience. They go into a limp mode. Limp mode is when the car will begin to de-accelerate without warning. This can cause accidents and a great deal of stress for both drivers and passengers.

Some drivers reported feeling terrified after experiencing the loss of control over their vehicles. Caught in the middle of traffic without any power or control over your vehicle can be very upsetting. Even following repairs on the device or its removal, many automobiles didn’t perform as they should have.


Volkswagen is more concerned with the legal battle over their fancy cheating device.

Because the cars are distributed worldwide, cars all over are having trouble. Laws suits opened in Britain and America, just to mention a few. The recall number of automotive vehicles is increasing daily. Additionally, the amount of settlement money for both big and small legal suits drives market shares and income down.

The repercussions of this device are spreading the company thin. Meanwhile, newer models that are currently being released are under question. Searches of the headquarters of the company and its subsidiaries have affected production.

You can be sure; this scandal will affect the reputation of the once upon a time number one automobile company. Sadly, for consumers where we will find another automobile company, we can trust?

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