Virgo Intuitive Monthly Horoscope – July 2018

July brings a mixed bag of celestial energies

Zodiac - Virgo
Zodiac - Virgo

July asks you to take the good with the bad and embrace the mixed bag of celestial energies that will take you on a rollercoaster throughout the month


The month of July brings life-changing energies that will ask you to dance with them. Jupiter finally goes direct on the 10th of July, which means any treasure you have been mining for can be brought to the surface.

Hold onto this treasure, as it will see you through great impulses for change.  The new moon on the 13th is a partial solar eclipse that is opposite the planet of power and control, Pluto.

At the end of the month, on the 26th, we will experience a total lunar eclipse conjunct a retrograde Mars. Universal instincts will be strong throughout July, and egos will be stripped, like in the story of the Emperor’s new clothes.

Finally, Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Leo on the 26th. Until early September, it is important to remember to listen and not assume anything.

But how will these energies personally impel you? This reading is for Virgo sun sign, ascendant sign, or moon sign:


Authentic action

Egoless actions speak louder than words when you begin July. In fact, it could be that you struggle to find the right words to describe essential necessities regarding your health or any other practical needs. If you feel you are walking in a fearful shadow, then choose instead to retrace your steps.

Physically redo things again, rather than start doing anything new. Feeling tongue-tied, you must take the opportunity to reexamine everything you wish you want to say before you try to say it.


When Jupiter turns Direct

You have been digging deep to understand and relearn an immense amount of information you may have previously taken for granted. Soon you will be able to communicate this, however, for the next month or so it will pay to write or record in private.


Power packed lunar action

New Moon on the 13th: Your intuition seeks to block out your instinct to move forward in the area of your life associated with friends and the community. However, this does not come without a stark reflection of external power struggles in the area of your life associated with your creative expression.

Full Moon on the 27th: You intuitively seek solitude and to escape reality. But this need comes face to face with your instincts and fears over health issues and other practical matters.

Additionally, if you allow yourself to not fight an energy pulling you backward at this time, you have an opportunity to retrace your steps without the intervention of your ego. In turn, you can analyze misuse of your energy in health matters and how you have been running the day to day routine of your life.


Mercury Retrograde

From around the 26th of July until the beginning of September, Virgo will feel as though they have lost their tongue and that they are inherently misunderstood. In order to remedy this experience, take out time to reevaluate in solitude, possibly taking time out alone to journal and rethink.

Even taking a vacation where you will see very few people, and you can put your thinking cap in storage for a few weeks, and just getting mindful of the present moment, will be beneficial.