Unethical Charitable Organizations to Avoid


Have you ever been scammed by unethical charitable organizations?

Generous people donate hard-earned money inadvertently to unethical charitable organizations in good faith. Once burned, this can cause people to become skeptical. Ultimately, this skepticism prevents them from donating to legitimate causes in the future.

One can feel they have lost their faith in humanity. Especially, for example, when such charities scam elderly people out of their life savings.

Sometimes charities get sucked into using professional fundraising companies. This can mean that up to 90% of your donation will go to the fundraising company, and not even the charity!

Many charities will use names that are similar to legitimate and real charities. Others become corrupted by power. So which charities should you avoid? And which legitimate charities could you donate to instead?

We have compiled a list of some of the worst, and will later give you some advice on how to not get scammed.


Charities That Give Most Donations to Solicitors


Kids Wish Network


Many consider this to be the worst charity in America. A lot of people confuse it with the Make A Wish Foundation. But unlike the Make A Wish Foundation, Kids Wish Network give barely any of their donations to sick kids!

Kids Wish Network utilizes professional fundraisers. This has meant that only 3 cents of every donated dollar reach children in need! These professional fundraisers have received $110 million from donations during the past decade!

If you desire to give enable sick children to have a wish come true, it is wiser to donate to the Make A Wish Foundation.


Committee for Missing Children

Committee for Missing Children claims that it has reunited many families. But in truth, they do little more than post pictures of missing children on social media.

Incredibly, they too employ professional fundraisers who raised $27 million. However, the charity only spent $21,000 on reuniting desperate families with missing loved ones!

A legitimate charity alternative is the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.


Firefighters Charitable Foundation

Fire can devastate people’s lives. Most families have to start again from scratch if they lose their home to a house fire. This is heartbreaking, and many generous people rush to help the victims rebuild their lives.

Sadly, some unethical charities wish to exploit these vulnerable people. Firefighters Charitable Foundation is one of those. Because they too use professional fundraisers. This has meant that almost 90% of every donation received ends up going to the professional fundraising company.

A legitimate charity alternative is the Red Cross.


National Veterans Services Fund

Our Veterans are our national treasures. Many sacrifice their lives to protect us and everything we value. We can never truly repay them for what they have done for us. So we do what we can, and believe that donating via a charity will help them ease back into living in the real world.


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