Undeniable Truth That Cancer Is A Successful Business But Huge Medical Treatment Failure

What is Chemotherapy and cancer treatment really about?


Everyone knows that cancer kills, now you know why

Everyone has heard of Cancer. Most people can recall someone in their family who suffered or even died from this deadly disease. But what if I told you this synthesized ailment receives patents? Just like most of the drugs used to treat it? How would you feel if you understood, all the real cancer cures out there remain out of your reach because for the medical, food, drug, and appliance industries, healing people from this disease would put an abrupt halt to their businesses?

There are millions of cancer research studies, and among them, you will find many natural cures that don’t require expensive, painful surgery or prolonged exposure to toxic synthetic compounds meant to kill you slowly.

The origin of Chemotherapy utilizes an agent found inside a chemical weapon. Mustard gas effectively harmed many initially during World War I. This compound reduces the lymphocytes and production of white blood cells. Just in case you don’t know, white blood cells increase when the body is under attack. They serve as protectors to combat foreign bodies and infection. Following suppression of the cells, the body becomes incapable of healing itself. Scientists decided to try the mustard gas agent on leukemia patients, and suddenly chemotherapy was born. Only since then, the compound has become even more toxic.


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It is not a medical treatment

Chemotherapy is an expensive package of harmful drugs with the administration of medical personnel to prolong the sufferer’s life. This is the path to a lucrative business where all the players win. The only exception is the cancer patient who suffers immensely.

Medical boards, drug companies, FDA approvals have all created very restrictive protocols intending to take away any powers of decisions from oncologists, and other doctors, insurance companies, and the list are long. Nevertheless, these are unethical, deceptive business practices.

Ghost articles written and published in prestigious journals obtain credibility. Meanwhile, the fraudulent proofs declared safe & effective by the FDA kill patients. This medical industry corruption reaches every level with the payout.


The Truth About Cancer video is a must see

The Truth About Cancer, A Global Quest production by TTAC Publishing interviews many doctors, scientists and other people worldwide in the pharmaceutical and fraudulent related industries. Furthermore, they are all adamant about the awful truth that cancer drugs cause cancer instead of cure.

One of the doctors from the video who prefers anonymity explains how he was carefully groomed to become a person of one of the most successful clinical trial companies in the country. Certain individuals get picked, trained, and once the process finishes, you are expected to join the FIRM.


YOUTUBE (The Truth About Cancer):



The FIRM pays for everything

Each participant receives a big car, big home, financial bonuses and continued payoffs or income based on the understanding and expectation that membership with the FIRM requires manipulation of data and the people behind the drugs.

The “pay to play” game includes doctors, CEOs from big companies, FDA officials meeting in rooms to discuss clinical trial results. Initially, the decision not to approve the drug only helps to foster more payouts. Within hours after the meetings, phone calls to numerous Universities, statisticians and $30,000.00 per person will accomplish the desired approval.

Consequently, a few hours of crunching numbers, a few fake editorial reviews of the drug and then a few months waiting for the perception of the drug effects to change will result in “the greatest and best miracle drug ever.”

Moreover, despite the apparent facts that data does not support the outcome, many people and corporations make billions of dollars. As long as the little black box warning on the package is present, everybody makes money.

Additionally, according to Dr. Gary F. Gordon, doctors are brainwashed by a medical school. Subsidization of professors paid by drug companies teaches their medical students about the latest drugs and only drug administration as the only savior for illness.


Suggesting vitamin C, healthy living, eating, and drinking is not within the protocol or medically recommended principles

Disclaimer: This article may cause side effects such as self awareness. Additional realization that medicine may be harmful to your health and bank account. Also, healthy living and eating is counter to these impacts and detrimental to the medical industry.

Be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist in case you have any questions. They will be happy to answer on account of more money in the bank for them.


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