Historian proves Armenian Mass Killings

Taner Akcam is a Turkish sociologist and historian. At long last, he has documented proof of the Armenian Genocide that haunts Turkey and descendants of millions of Armenians. Akcam is a teacher at the University of Minnesota. Nevertheless, he has been researching this topic for many years. He is one of the most outspoken Turkish scholars who confronts the country’s past transgressions. A year in prison did not silence his convictions.

The document found, was in a private archive belonging to the Armenian Catholic priest Krikor Guerguerian. The original is in Jerusalem with many other files and evidence. The rolls of microfilm are extensive. They were tracked from Turkey to France, Britain and eventually landed in Jerusalem.



An encrypted telegram was sent in 1915 from Erzurum, a city in Turkey. Behaeddin Shakir, an Ottoman high ranking officer, sent a message to a colleague wanting to know the status on Armenian deportations and mass killings. Other sources such as an old Ottoman newspaper help Akcam’s case.

The most important part of this find is the unraveling of the coding system. The document was on Ottoman letterhead, and coded Arabic numbers denote the words. Equally understood is the arrival of telegrams to Istanbul with the four or five digit Arabic numbers. Officials replying to these messages followed the same pattern of replacing letters for numbers. The coding system from the Ottoman archives matched the microfilmed evidence. With this proof, Akram can establish the authenticity of the document.


This proof will make it irrefutable

Many in Turkey deny the genocide and persecution. It is a big problem; however, with this authentic evidence, the Turkish government will have to explain instead of denying their actions. Moreover, the fact remains historians have been denied access to these archives. Akcam tried numerous times to see the material but was denied. “We are in the process of cataloging” was always the excuse.

Pope Francis has made a statement that disappointed the Turkish government. Francis insists the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire was the first in the 20th century. Additionally, it was his purpose to provoke a response. Francis went on to accuse the human family of not learning from our history and the many mistakes caused by terror. However, one must remember his words are simply to validate Christians and invalidate Muslims.


The amount of bloodshed at the hands of Christians, he does not comment

Turkey refuses to admit to the 1915 killings of Armenians. After deciding the whole of the Armenian population had supported Russia and Western forces, they continued their systematic executions at least until 1918. Officials from Turkey summoned an Archbishop ambassador and expressed their deep disappointment over the Pope’s address. They insisted the factual error while at the same time demanding diplomatic protocol.



There remain deniers the genocide ever happened in Turkey

There remains many in Turkey who are the deniers. They deny any atrocity took place. Raised to believe the genocide never happened, some Turks will proclaim their beliefs until their dying days. A great deal of fear remains in these people. They do not wish to acknowledge past crimes. The founders of modern Turkey would be called into question. Following this, the very legitimacy of the country would fall under scrutiny. It is uncertain whether the evidence will move them at all.

Akcam never wavered in his investigation, despite the painful chapter Turkey wishes to bury. Now he is dubbed “the Sherlock Holmes of the Armenian Genocide.” Akcam’s dedication to uncovering the truth still remains unmatched on this matter.


Countries such as Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Argentina and the Vatican all officially recognize the events from 1915 and label it genocide. They condemn the severe actions and call attention to Anatolia for their discrepancy.

It remains the fact that the Armenian descendants are the ones who have suffered the most. They wish for recognition and would like retribution for the wrongs done to their people. Meanwhile, Akcam would like to see a healing take place in his country, both for the Turks and the Armenians. Re-establishing a constructive relationship could go a very long way to repairing the damage.

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