U.S. Economy Experts Insist Men Do More Housework

U.S. Economy Experts Insist Men Do More Housework
U.S. Economy Experts Insist Men Do More Housework

Bank and market reports indicate men need to do more housework

Always labeled a woman’s job, housework is no longer considered beneficial for women’s career advancement. If their male counterparts want the benefit of complimentary income, they are now instructed to do their fair share.

Certainly, because of the increase in women working outside the home, limits on time result. The hours any career demands for showmanship and advancement is ever increasing.


This is true for both men and women.

However, due to family obligations, a woman is usually the first to sacrifice her job for her family.

The National Bureau for Economic Research indicates women are more likely to avoid working in positions that require long hours. Especially those that demand work on weekends.

According to the Bureau’s research, if chores at home were divided fairly between both genders, overall welfare would increase. Evidently, output per hour could also go up by more than five percent. Thus everyone would be making better use of their time.

Bank of America has an interest in analyzing a time use survey. Their data shows that forty-six percent of women occupy their time with housework. This observation covers 2014 to 2016. This is in contrast to the fifty-two percent of housework related endeavors from 2003 to 2005.





The average between these two studies was a notable five minutes

Also noted in their study was that men contributed a few minutes to housework duties. However, most of the tasks were being done by for hire. For example, tasks such as laundry, cleaning and sometimes shopping were necessary; men found someone to do the work for them.

The good news about this for women is, they can spend less time on chores. The trend for women to work and sleep more persists. Extra hours and increased pay due to more job dedication equal the ability to hire someone else to do light and heavy housework. This allows women to spend what time they do have with their families instead of doing more work.


All this raises the question, what are the men supposed to do?

Despite the fact, this trend affords women the ability to work, sleep and play more, men gain happy healthier families. A happier family affords a man the same potential to work more hours.

A bonus is more time available to partner with a spouse to complete the jobs necessary at home. Everybody wins when family play time increases along with the ability to afford entertainment.

All work and no play make productivity decrease. This basic fact dictates the reason why both partners need to participate in a well-balanced work week.

However, you divide and conquer the labor, well that’s up to you too. Make it work for your schedule, family and of course career.