The Truth about Warrior Actor Steven Seagal

The media is notorious for distorting the truth about Steven Seagal, who is both an actor and an earth warrior

The Truth about Warrior Actor Steven SeagalThe Truth about Warrior Actor Steven Seagal

Sadly, Steven Seagal keeps getting a bad rap in the media when in truth he is not only an actor but a warrior – especially for the earth

You may have witnessed the myriad of times that the media has cruelly mocked warrior and actor Steven Seagal. However, what the press fails to mention is that Seagal is not a stereotypically pretentious Hollywood socialite. Indeed,

Seagal does not waste his spare time indulging in his celebrity privilege and wealth. Instead, the martial arts expert turned movie star spends much of his time living his life according to his values. Saving lives and helping people, are Seagal’s preferred past times.


Environmental and animal activist

Seagal did indeed see his career take a down turn after his final hit film On Deadly Ground. On Deadly Ground was Seagal’s directorial debut, and was an “environmental action-adventure film.” The irony of his pertinent message about climate change, to 1994 action fan audiences, was told before it’s time. Over 20 years later, people are finally beginning to take notice of climate change. Seagal was ahead of his time. Indeed, his character’s final speech in the film was later echoed by Al Gore in a speech over a decade later.

As well as advocating for the environment, Seagal also champions for the lives of innocent animals. PETA awarded the actor a humanitarian award in 1999 for his passion for animal protection.

Prior to receiving the award, Seagal had prevented Japan from receiving a shipment of baby elephants from South Africa. In a separate incident, Seagal was instrumental in the arrest of the ringleader of a cockfighting ring. Additionally, Seagal puts his money where his mouth is and certainly puts no innocent animals in there with it! Obviously, Seagal is a vegetarian.



Altruism and compassion since childhood

According to Segal, he feels that he is more Asian than American. In an interview with Michael Schiavello on Voice Vs., Seagal explained how he came to be raised with primarily Asian values. As a child, the US army had stationed his father in Japan. Consequently, Seagal spent his formative years in a non-American environment. He claims this was to his benefit.

Seagal alleges that he turned to the Buddhist religion as a child. After years as a practicing Buddhist, Tibetan Buddhist monk Lama Penor Rinpoche “recognized” him as the reincarnation of 17th-century Chungdrag Dorge, who was a “Revealer of Treasures.” Penor Rinpoche explained that if Seagal undertook a “lengthy process of study and practice,” he could potentially be “enthroned” as a tulku.


Aikido master

When Seagal turned 13, he pretended to be much older to gain employment as a dishwasher in a restaurant. A Japanese Shotokan Karate expert happened to be working as a cook in the same restaurant. According to Seagal, this cook was keen to teach the young teen the basics in karate. With Seagals appetite for martial arts piqued, he joined the Orange County Aikido School and trained to become a warrior under master Harry Kiyoshi Ishisaka.

Seagal’s obsession and talent at Aikido meant that after attaining a 7th dan degree and Shihan, he became the first non-Japanese person to open an Aikido dojo in Japan. Eventually, he moved back to the US and set up a dojo in California. He married a Japanese wife and set about planning a career in martial arts. In his interview with Schiavello, Seagal remarks how he was involved in Aikido just as much for the mystical and transcendental aspects.


Acting as a favor for a friend

One of Seagal’s students happened to be a Hollywood agent by the name of Michael Ovitz. Ovitz believed that Seagal had the charisma to bring his warrior martial arts skills to the burgeoning action film genre that was lucrative to Hollywood at the time. Indeed, Ovitz instincts proved correct, and Seagal starred in blockbusters such as Marked for Death, Hard to Kill and Out for Justice. Ultimately, Seagal’s film career peaked with Under Siege which grossed $156.4 million globally.


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