Private automobiles are increasing exponentially while oil reserves decrease

At least that is what you are supposed to believe. Statistica, a stats portal, reports on OPEC. OPEC indicated an increase in production and ownership of passenger cars worldwide until the year 2040. However, OPEC has concluded the demand for personal mobility will rise while fuel supplies such as oil, for these automobiles will decrease.



Let’s take a look at how they came up with their information

OPEC is the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. It is an Intergovernmental organization. OPEC does the job of determining oil production, market conditions, output, supply and much more. This geopolitical global oil monster is politicized.

Somewhere in the heart of Baghdad OPEC was founded. A contract agreed upon between Baghdad, Saudi Arabia, Islamic Republic, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela, established its monopoly in 1960. Later other countries that joined the organization include Qatar, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Equador, Gabon, Angola and Equatorial Gunea.


Infographic: Oil on the Road to Obsolescence | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


At will, OPEC withholds output of oil, waters down the crude energy supply with water and other fillers, discourages capital investing and controls market conditions. Additionally, OPEC has a high ranking in funding terror. Likewise, the continuation of the effects terror has on OPEC bank accounts and the countries receiving benefit from membership in the organization is gigantic. Simultaneously, many countries receive financial surplus from frequent terror attacks and the like.


Kings and Princes

Region leaders accumulate mass fortunes from all oil-related activities. With their profits, they fortify palaces and acquire luxury automobiles. Furthermore, while enhancing their stores of crude oil. the distribution of benefits from this wealth does not trickle down into the economy. Their country’s populations don’t have any opportunity to establish an equal stake in resource proceeds from their very own lands. All that remains unavailable to the public.


With the development of electric cars and new air taxis soon to be released, how could anyone know the future of crude oil based automotive and their sales? It seems somewhat arrogant to predict the future. How could anyone know what will happen?

Nevertheless, OPEC knows there are other countries not in their organization digging for oil and finding it. Countries who supply oil outside their politicized organization is a thorn in their side.


Shale Oil Producers are drilling in the US

Maybe the statistics are an effort on OPEC’s part to deter this US production and interference in their monopolized world of commerce. Any efforts from western countries, especially America will destroy the monopoly Arab countries savor.



The truth is, everyone must strive to be free from crude natural resources because they are decreasing. However, only OPEC knows how much oil there indeed is. At least that is what they would like to believe.


Electric cars and air taxis are a viable option for transportation hopefully as soon as 2020. Alternate sources of energy is always a winning situation. Besides the corrupt business practices going on, alternative energy is great for the environment.

Maybe before you purchase your next private mobile option, think first about all the factors involved beyond your convenience and comfort. Although that is important, contribution to a better economic and environmental outlook could go a long way.

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