Top 5 Reasons Left Handed People Are Superior

Left handed people celebrate their official day

Top 5 Reasons Left Handed People Are Superior
Top 5 Reasons Left Handed People Are Superior

August 13 is official left-handed people’s day

What began in 1992 is only today causing rave attention. On August 13th, it is advised to celebrate by setting up a left-handed people zone where everything is perform with the left hand.

Apparently, many universities are conducting studies on lefties. Since the lefties make up a whopping 10% of the population, it is crucial we understand why they are brilliantly outstanding and superior to right-handed people.


1. Lefties more easily hear slow changing sounds

Georgetown University Medical Center researchers investigated the differences between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Their data reveals how each hemisphere specializes in different sounds. The left hemisphere prefers rapidly changing sounds like consonants. The right hemisphere likes slower sounds such as syllables or intonation.

If you find yourself holding an object in either hand, when you hear a sound, depending on the hand with the object, different sounds or paces can be detected in the brain. It might be obviously more pleasant too. This research is beneficial for the treatment of stroke patients and language disorders.



2. Lefties have more divergent thinking patterns

The American Journal of Psychology surveyed more than 2,000 left, right handed and ambidextrous people. Their eventuality finds the left handed drawn to art, music, sports and technical information fields. Although, the Wall Street Journal says salaries of the left are lower than that of the right. Maybe someone who is a lefty wants a raise. Certainly, they deserve it because of their hand preference.


3. Lefties have an advantage in sports

Any sport involving two opponents such as tennis, boxing, or baseball will reveal the lefties differentiating abilities. Certainly, it has nothing to do with the fact that practice time is beneficial to conquering right-handed opponent strategies, and movements.


Top 5 Reasons Left Handed People Are Superior
Top 5 Reasons Left Handed People Are Superior


4. Lefties have a higher rate of psychosis

Researchers from Yale University and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center studied patients at an outpatient psychiatric clinic. Although, mood disturbances and general depression measured average. Schizophrenia, neurosis and other psychological problems rates higher among the left handed.

Furthermore, they discovered an increased rate of ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia in the left handed. Additionally, they uncovered lower rates of arthritis and ulcer in the same population.



5. Lefties are more affected by fear

Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases reviews little remarkable evidence that being left-handed has a clear relation to genetics.

Nevertheless, the left handed are more prone to having negative emotions. They also have difficulty processing feelings. This could also be relative to the right and left hemispheres and their nerve communication and activity. Right handed individuals are generally more ready to jump in with courage and less restraint and caution.

Scientists from Abertay University in Scotland test behavior and measure impulsiveness and restraint in participants. They determine lefties to be more anxious and shy than their right-handed counterparts. Indeed, the test also revealed forty-six left handed men and women with displays of behavioral inhibition than sixty-six right-handed men and women.

Mainly, most research agrees that the variables in strength or categories relating to right and left hemispheres in the brain are not an indicator of personality. Rather the neural pathways, their receptors, and outgoing messages are the true indicator. It is how we process information and emotions that are the genuine gauge of our uniqueness.

Even though there is an official left-hand people’s day, there definitively is no reason to celebrate. We are all human. Right or left, black or white, male or female, we need to find things in common to draw us together not more differences to tear us apart.


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