Music is a very personal expression of our sexiest inner passions and yearnings

Specific lyrics might speak to us or bring back nostalgic memories. Some of those memories might be good, some not so good. No matter what your particular music style, here is a list of songs that included the sexiest rhythms, melodies, lyrics, and groove.


There are many exciting artists and entertainers

Some have more sex appeal than others. Nevertheless, music can make or break any mood. There is the right compilation for dancing, working out, working, driving and most definitely making love. Sex appeal can vary for everyone.

Statistics show most male performers have a higher level of testosterone which attracts women. Male rock stars amass a following of female fans. Most often at a concert females consume the front row to fawn over the object of their affection.

Female artists are collectively more provocative than males. Because of their physical features including their voices. The creative aspect of a female is mostly lost on male fans.


Although, the list is comprehensive it also includes many different music styles:


1. Tonight’s the night – Rod Stewart

This song will convince you to “spread your wings and let me come inside.” If the lyrics don’t, the raspy sexy voice of Rod Stewart will. He could convince anyone to do anything if he only sings about it.

YOUTUBE (Rod Stewart):



2. How can I refuse you – Heart

Any woman feels surrender from the heat of pulsing guitar and drum strokes. Additionally, Ann Wilson’s velvet admission of taking love all the way infuses the beat.

YOUTUBE (SuperKevinheart):



3. Black and Blue – Van Halen

Van Halen is known for their sex lyrics and seductive guitar riffs. They have a load of songs about women and getting down and dirty. This song is about doing it till we’re black and blue.

YOUTUBE (andrewragford89):


4. Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin

Zeppelin is another one of those rock groups who like to sing about naughty things. The Lemon song is a typical bluesy dedication to raunchy sex encounter. Plant encourages play with his lemon until the juice runs down his leg. Whole lotta love is not far off from a similar sentiment.

YOUTUBE (ledzeppelin):



5. Mysterious Ways – U2

Bono’s sexy voice is unmatchable. His enchantment with a woman’s mysterious ways eludes erotic feeling.



6. The Stroke – Billy Squire

This song was high on the charts during its time. The drumbeat and guitar licks provoke an individual chemical reaction. Billy’s antics on the stage are a mating call to female fans.

YOUTUBE (BillySquierVEVO):

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