YouTubers are the mega-stars of the modern generation, gracing our computer and smartphone screens and rapidly earning for themselves tens of millions of dollars for their uploads


Most people turn to YouTube these days for their quick-fix entertainment needs, which has given rise to the phenomenon of millionaire YouTubers. The public cannot get enough of these grassroots entertainers, many of whom started out uploading videos from their bedrooms at home.

Today, YouTube is big business, and competition for likes and subscribes is fierce. Furthermore, YouTube has revealed genres of entertainment that you would never think could lead to viral videos and trends. For example, the most popular videos are usually unboxing consumer items like toys, or gaming videos.


Infographic: YouTube's Highest Paid Stars of 2017 | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


Consequently, many YouTubers have found ways to earn immense amounts of money from advertising and marketing deals. Forbes magazine recently published a list of the top millionaire YouTubers, however, many are left scratching their heads wondering who these people are, and how on earth they could gain such overwhelming fame and wealth.

Below we count down the top 10 millionaire YouTubers and find out exactly how and why they managed to become so immensely popular:


10. Lilly Singh


Lilly Singh started her YouTube career in 2010 as a hobby, and as a cathartic release for her experience of depression. She believed that making others laugh would bring catharsis, and this was her primary motivation for joining the entertainment platform – not fame or fortune.

However, Singh proved over the years to be highly talented and comedically infectious. Her humor has garnered her almost 13 million subscribers, and she now regularly collaborates with A-list celebrities in her videos. Additionally, she has also been able to author a successful book and has also appeared in television and film.



In 2017, she became the wealthiest and most successful female YouTuber of all time. Allegedly, this year, she has earnt for herself $10.5 million, which puts her as number 10, in 2017’s list of top-earning YouTubers.


9. Ryan ToysReview

YOUTUBE (Ryan ToysReview):


Young Ryan is the wealthiest child YouTuber of all time. In fact, he was born five years after the creation of the entertainment platform! Ryan is a seven-year-old boy who, with the help of his parents, creates videos of the favorite unboxing genre. Though wrought with many pitfalls and criticism, children do remain the most loyal viewers on YouTube.

Therefore, Ryan’s toy unboxing videos have inevitably skyrocketed to immense success over the years. He has over 10 million subscribers, and he made the list of “the top five most viewed YouTube channels of all time.

Allegedly, this has earned the small boy a whopping $11 million during 2017. According to his parents, they donate all of the unboxed toys to charity after making each video.


8. Smosh



The two originally boys from Smosh, Anthony Padilla, and Ian Hecox, began their channel right at the dawning of YouTube in 2005. Already, they had been running the popular website since 2002. Therefore, their transition to the popular entertainment platform jettisoned them to even greater heights, as they already had a fanbase.



Padilla and Hecox made comedy sketch videos, and have already experienced periods of time where they rated as the most subscribed to channel on YouTube. Hecox left Smosh last June. However, this didn’t stop the channel from retaining its popularity.

During 2017, Smosh allegedly earned $11 million and has over 22 and a half million subscribers.


7. Jake Paul



Jake Paul initially rose to popularity on the six-second looping video app called Vine. After Vine shut down in 2016, Jake decided to create a YouTube channel, and his loyal fanbase followed him. He creates mostly comedic content filled with pranks and gags.

Jake has since experimented with a music career; however, despite the fact that his music video had 20 million YouTube views, it was considered a flop. He also tried his hand at acting on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark. But this also was shortlived.



Nevertheless, Jake doesn’t seem bothered as his YouTube career is giving him immense success and wealth on its own. Allegedly, in 2017, he earned himself $11.5 million.


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