Top 10 Most Depressing Musical Artists

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Top 10 Most Depressing Musical Artists
Top 10 Most Depressing Musical Artists

Who are the top 10 most depressing musical artists?

beautiful yet depressing lyric from Billie Holiday’s Solitude is “I sit in my chair and filled with despair / there’s no one could be so sad



Sad songs are sometimes good to listen to, especially when we are feeling the blues. Most bands and artists feature some sad songs on their albums. However, some artists go all out creating music that is high on the gloom index.

Here is a list of the top ten most depressing music artists that can sink our mood!


Pink Floyd

Founded in 1965, Pink Floyd, perhaps, have the greatest number of depressing songs within their catalog. With the lead guitarist Syd Barrett facing mental health problems, it was up to vocalist Roger Waters to continue their sad, lyrical legacy.

The haunting memories of Waters’ tortured childhood come out in all its dark glory in The Wall. The album, The Dark Side of the Moon, released in 1973, talks about lunacy.

Waters then went on to write more melancholic lyrics for the album Wish you Were Here, which he says was inspired by the “inevitable melancholy” after Syd left the band.

Waters’ failing marriage and depression probably account for much of the gloom and doom that characterized Pink Floyd, despite their overwhelming success.

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Alice In Chains

The sadness and suffering featured in most of Alice in Chains albums can drive you to tears in no time.

Formed in 1987 in Seattle, by Jerry Cantrell and vocalist Layne Staley, Alice in Chains sold more than 20 million records world over. Plagued with Staley’s drug abuse issues, the album Facelift focused mostly on the dark side of drug addiction.

Dirt was another eerie and dark album that followed. Consequently, on the band’s third album, Alice in Chains featured the song Born Again that contained the lyrics “Sad suffering /I knew you when/Farewell thee friend of mine/ I try not to think.

Jar of Flies was the band’s biggest hit. It is rated by many as containing the most depressing lyrics ever.




Top 10 Most Depressing Musical Artists
Top 10 Most Depressing Musical Artists



This English rock band has created some mammoth tear-jerkers. The band even had their sadness quotient evaluated through a Spotify API! Spotify used a scale of 0.0 to 1.0, with 1.0 being the most positive lyrics. True Love Waits scored the least, at 0.037!

Radiohead has sold more than 30 million albums the world over. Despite that, they remain high on the gloom index!




Pearl Jam

When the rock band formed in 1991, it originally had five members. Eddie Vedder was the lead vocalist and Mike McCready, the lead guitarist.

Hugely popular in the 90s, the band sold more than 32 million records. Breakerfall, Parting Ways, Black, The End, Come Back, the list of heartbreakingly blue songs is long!
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