Top 10 Most Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

Top 10 Most Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

Top 10 Most Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods
Top 10 Most Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

As individuals, we all have the liberty to choose the kind of foods we eat, which is great.

Unfortunately, most of us assume that to mean either “eat whatever is sold” or “eat whatever foods you want.” The latter strategy causes its own set of problems. For instance, it leads to all sorts of health issues. But, we are here to discuss the former strategy, which is just as dangerous as the other. Maybe, even more.

It appears that the food market is bracing for what will be a GMO-dominated era. It seemed like only a few years ago that GMO foods were still a major topic of debate. Several arguments took place over their viability with regard to human consumption. But, the GMO side has ultimately prevailed, and that isn’t good news.



Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are organisms created in a laboratory. The process involves taking genes from one organism and introducing them into another unrelated organism. This is the same process through which GMO foods come into being.

Therefore, you’re probably wondering why we need to create such foods. Well, the groups on the pro-GMO side will tell you that it’s because they help increase yields, decrease farming costs, minimize pesticide use, and essentially, one day, fight famine by ensuring there’s enough food for everybody.

But, the cold hard fact remains that none of this is true. There’s very little evidence to suggest otherwise. In fact, some of those promises are downright lies.

For instance, proponents of GMO crops suggest that they eliminate pesticide use. However, this isn’t because they don’t need it. Rather, it’s because they contain pesticides within.


So, if you consume a GMO crop, you’re ingesting pesticides.

The point is, genetically modified foods aren’t safe as you think. The only reasons political groups and corporations support them is because they generate profits by giving the interested parties complete control over food production.

So, now that you know how dangerous GMO foods can be, here is a list mentioning the top 10 that you really need to avoid.

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