Todays and Near Feature Technologies – The Best Picks From Paris Air Show 2017 Fair


The Best Picks From 52nd International Paris Airshow 2017 Fair

Latest aerospace news and incredible tech innovations. Here are top of them:


The future of aviation: cutting emissions

What keeps a lot of aviation professionals awake at night is the question of fuel economy. How can we continue to meet growing demand for air travel whilst reducing emissions? Several groups are on the cusp of finding solutions that could soon transform how we fly.




Aviation revolutions on the horizon




The drone you can sit on and fly like a helicopter

Founder and CEO of the Hungarian company BYE GRAVITY – Balazs Kerulo, explained that the Flike (or “flying bike”) is essentially a drone you can sit on and fly like a helicopter.




The Hypersuit is “A Full-Body

From fresh-faced French start-up founders, Grégoire Arcache and Tom Sicard – HYPERSUIT. Hypersuit expected to be on the market by 2018.