Thirteen Trump Rumors To Remember

Thirteen Trump Rumors To Remember
Thirteen Trump Rumors To Remember

European news wants to remind the English speaking public of Trump scandals

Although there is no proof of any wrongdoing on the part of president Trump, certain media releases have been directed to blatantly deceive a naïve public. To sway public opinion and to brainwash the simple minded. Social media controls minds.

Maybe Europeans don’t want the power of the west to dominate their worlds. Perhaps, this is a sinking last ditch effort to fill the minds of the unsuspecting American public towards a decrease in patriotism. In hopes of reducing the strong hold and power America has had in the past. Certainly, there isn’t a question about that.

In one attempt to undermine the President, a European newspaper has a list of thirteen seemingly different scandals we have all forgotten about. They feel the need to remind us.


1. Administration sidelines climate scientists

Apparently, Trump ordered the administration at Glacier National Park to cancel Mark Zuckerberg’s arranged tour. Citing a motive from the Trump administration concerning revisions in their climate change and environmental risks stance.

Why the President would concern himself with a tour of a national park is a bigger question.


2. Federal Government writes Trump a check for $15,000

A request made by the Washington Post allegedly revealed State Department officials spent $15,000 of taxpayers money to stay in one of the Trump Hotels. Apparently even the secret service experience the same luxury afforded federal representatives.

Shouldn’t the question be, were they there for business or pleasure? I sure would like a vacation with taxpayer dollars sponsoring my stay.


3. Trump products are not made in America

Honestly, this one is tough. Yes, Trump proudly spouts American products and the need to support the homeland. But seriously, everything is made in China. Except for certain automobiles, well-made wood burning stoves, and a variety of other wonderful American products, it’s public knowledge that everyone hires abroad. Labor is cheaper abroad. The quality of products is also cheaper. Trump knows this. He also knows the monopoly of the market in Asia.



4. Ivanka and her husband are making money from their businesses

Although using a public position for personal gain is a no no, the fact remains President Trump’s family is large and wealthy with businesses everywhere. This was the case before the candidate even tossed his hat into the ring for the presidential nomination.

Plus, if you had a business, wouldn’t you want to make money. Certainly, no one opens shop with the intention of failing.


5. Jared Kushner doesn’t want to disclose his key assets

Claims that the government wants Kushner to disclose key assets and he refuses is not a problem because he is officially just the son-in-law of the president. That isn’t a government office. Having said that, it is unethical that he has so much responsibility with various jobs in the government and doesn’t reveal what he accrues from these jobs.

However, the way I see it, the problem lies with Kushner. He is the one who needs to own up to his advantage taking of his father-in-law’s position.


6. Kushner continues to do business with China

No doubt there is something fishy about Kushner and his family’s dealing with real estate and the leveraging of position with the President and American government towards their gains. This is a problem for Trump and Kushner as well as the state department. More than ethics are in question here.



Thirteen Trump Rumors To Remember
Thirteen Trump Rumors To Remember


7. Donald Trump’s business sponsors his political campaign

According to reports, the Trump campaign paid into his own companies throughout the election. Federal Election Commission has records revealing the funding of the campaign.

That means Donald Trump himself reported all his expenses and revenue regarding his campaign. All of the candidates receive campaign money, and they all use it towards campaign expenses. There is no difference here besides the fact that Trump owns most of the companies that received payment for services or goods rendered.


8. Florida Mar-a-Lago property raises rates

Known for its extensive guest list and membership fees, the Mar-a-Lago is known as the comfortable beach resort of the white house and foreign dignitaries. Sensitive business matters have graced the walls of this tropical white house. Though, no secrets will be revealed.

A lawsuit demands the Department of Homeland Security must release the resort’s records.


9. Head of Commerce hoards investment as commerce secretary

Apparently, Wilbur Ross has and still plans on retaining investments and holdings relating to a private company, shipping, and real estate financing companies. As does the son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Ross meets with Chinese officials about regulatory power, foreign trade, and negotiations.

This doesn’t look good for Wilbur or Kushner. But we can blame Trump too. Nonetheless, Wilbur has pledged not to do anything that will benefit his accounts.


10. Presidential Aide endorses Ivanka’s clothing line

In this case, the rules are clear. Employees in public office cannot breach the standards of conduct regarding influencing the general public for private gain. No matter if the gains are for friends, family or self.


11. Melania has a Jewelry Line

This is certainly news. Sadly it falls under the same rules of ethics as Ivanka’s breach with her clothing line.


12. Defamation lawsuit from fifteen women

Apparently, no less than fifteen women reported Donald Trump acting inappropriately. Not the first time we’ve heard these kinds of allegations, and it certainly won’t be the last. Whether any of it is true, remains to be seen. Certainly, men in power do it all the time.


13. Foreign Government pays out Trump

The same question of ethics arises. Another accusation reveals Trump accepts “gifts” from foreign officials. Any presidential candidate is prohibited from receiving presents, titles, or any gift.

A very clear consistent problem with President Donald Trump is that he was before his campaign a very successful wealthy businessman with far reaching deals and investments of all kinds. This continues to be the case during his Presidency and most likely will remain when it ends.

Although some breaches of conduct are clear, others are not. Just as it’s been with most every president and celebrity, scandals explode. We have to decide which ones are relevant and which are not.

According to the European news who published the thirteen scandals of Trump, there is one more issue to bury. Probably the worst scandal of all. The Russian Dossier. However, that is a topic for another time.

People need to wake up to the spoon fed nonsense the media dishes out? No one wants to think for themselves or use their critical thinking. That is probably the biggest scandal of all.