Who is the rock band KISS

The 1970’s was a crazy time in the music industry. Before the corporation that is now music, there existed artists with talent and showmanship. Most of the music generation coming out in this era and before displayed dedicated to putting forth an integrity through voice, rhythm, melody, and groove.

Music flowed from an elusively magical place. Sometimes chemically enhanced musicians created works of art from drugs, but not all. The culture was indulgent as well as eclectic. KISS is a rock band that stands out.

KISS’s on-stage personas did not match their private realities. Nevertheless, their contribution has been monumental. Achieving a place in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame was a long time in coming, but as Paul Stanley relates, the fans assured their status long before the industry ever did. Notably, and as a tribute to their success without industry recognition, KISS has sold millions of albums, and a few have gone platinum. Here are some facts you may not know about KISS.

All band members are from New York, and their boasts of being the loudest and the best band may or may not be true. Their long list of albums wildly does not disappoint fans.


Paul Stanley


Paul Stanley fought a birth defect to develop music skills. He has a staunchly honest work ethic that carries him forward with writing lyrics and band development. Paul believes in giving 100% to fans and audiences. He admits KISS has a very strong respect for the fans who pay a lot of money for a ticket to see a music concert. They deserve to get a good show; they paid for it. Other bands sometimes have the attitude that the band is doing fans a favor by showing up. Paul Stanley firmly disagrees.

He started playing guitar seriously at the age of 13. Though his family is musical, and he harmonized often singing at the high end of his vocal range from an early age.

Paul has found his inner peace. He recently released a book A Life Exposed, where he talks about his progression from a somewhat disabled childhood to a life where his family means everything to him. His values are sure and steady not influenced at all by fame or fortune.


Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons played bass guitar and vocals for the band. Originally planning a career as a Rabbi, the musician changed his tune after collaboration with other band members and finding the niche he could play. Gene could often be spotted onstage blowing fire or spitting blood out of his mouth. His Demonic demeanor was both magnetic and offensive. Many Christian groups started rumors the group’s name stood for Knights in Satan’s Service. This, of course, is not true.


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Gene is very professional and has a business mind in addition to music. He admits he never wanted to become unfocused or ruin his mind with drugs. Gene kept away from that part of the music world. Nonetheless, he also admits to being a very self-centered man who had sex with more than 1,000 women during his concert days and more. However, now he is happily married with children and wouldn’t have it any other way.

He hosted a reality series, Family Jewels where he gives voice to the people who helped put him on the top, his fans. He also proudly displays the most valuable assets in his life, his family. It is obvious in what he says and does how deep his devotion and love is truly.


Peter Criss


Peter Criss was the drummer in KISS. He came last into the band and left in the 80s. His voice is what you will recognize in KISS’s most popular song Beth. It was written years before its recording and denotes a band members wife calling to find out when he would be home. Peter contributed to a few other vocals during the band’s heydays, but he mainly banged his drums all day.

Peter has continued a solo career. In fact, he has been sitting on an album for five years. He does not want to release an unfinished work, nor let go too soon.


Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley or “Spaceman” as he was known on-stage plays lead guitar. He had tried out for Van Halen early on in his career. Raised in the Bronx of New York, Ace auditioned for the band with mismatched sneakers. After a month of practice, he gained member status. Ace has remained dedicated to his band family although he also has a solo career and family. Ace has a uniquely savvy guitar style.

The group attempted to follow trends during their careers. Disco, grunge and the horrible pop metal keyboards just didn’t have the same sound. Both Gene and Peter agree that Rock n Roll is dead. Despite this, beginning in the 70’s, the development and maturity of the bands sound, cohesion and production can be effortlessly witnessed by their fans. Moreover, the fact that drummer, Peter Criss left the band briefly never stopped them.

Consequently, the business of KISS creates products with all the characters from the band. Little Kitty Kiss products was a collaboration with the company who brought you all things that are Little Kitty. There are condoms, knives, Kiss urns, kiss registry, books, memorial candles, dolls, comic books, movies and much more.


Additionally, they have made appearances in cartoons such as Scooby Doo

Although the group has made a very large contribution to Rock, more importantly, they are more than just musicians. It’s sobering and impressive that two of the four band members have continued to pursue other avenues of creative expression.


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Both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have published books about their lives. What is more unexpected from a group that exhibited larger than life stage personas, remains the fact that after their music careers they have all developed a true sense of what is important in life.

Certainly, the people in the band are very connected to their music and the time of their lives that brought them fame and fortune. However, they haven’t stayed there. Even their attempts to revisit the group’s collaboration as successful. They are all still friends and remain on good terms.

KISS had a good ride in this life, and they will be sealed with a great close. There is nothing better than family. KISS has been a great Rock n Roll family. As they continue to go their separate ways with other families, their ties remain strong and remarkably connected.

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