The Most Beautiful Jewish Women Around the World

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The Most Beautiful Jewish Women Around the World
The Most Beautiful Jewish Women Around the World

Many poets, playwrights, and filmmakers are astonished by the beauty of Jewish women.

The presence of a real daughter of Israel is charming and distinctive. For this reason, we ask who are currently the most beautiful Jewish women from around the world?

A real Jewish woman must be born from a Jewish mother, and follow the tenets of Judaism. In modern times many women consider themselves Jewish if only their father is a Jew. Consequently, beautiful Jewish women can be found in many countries.

As a result, this list presents the vivid and diverse beauty of women, with an additional fusion of Jewish blood in their veins, whether from their mother, father, or both.


Winona Ryder


This adorable American actress was born with the surname Horowitz. Her father was a descendant of Romanian and Ukrainian Jews. He was born in the city of Kharkov to the Tomchin family. Even though her mother is not Jewish and practices Buddhism, Wynona considers herself to be Jewish.




Natalie Portman


This actress is the only representative on this list who was born in Israel into an entirely Jewish family. Additionally, she was born in Jerusalem. Natalie is working and living in the USA, but she has dual citizenship – Israeli and American. Her husband, Benjamin Millepied, is a French Jew. They were married in a traditional Jewish ceremony.




Mila Kunis

Mila’s full name is Milena Markovna Kunis. This incredibly talented actress, with large green eyes, moved to the USA from the Ukrainian city of Chernigov. Her husband Ashton Kutcher actively studies the Kabbalah and has visited Israel many times. Natalie Portman once claimed that Ashton had told her more about Judaism than anyone else had done previously.


Lauren Bacall


One of the most beautiful and talented Hollywood actresses of all time, she was a cousin of an ex-president of Israel, the late Shimon Peres. Both her parents were Jewish.


Amanda Peet


The mother of this famous American actress has Jewish roots, her original surname being Levi. Amanda also sees herself as Jewish. Her husband, David Benioff, is a famous screenwriter for “The game of thrones”. He also has Jewish blood in his veins.



Rachel Weisz

This British actress calls herself Jewish, however, she has a fusion of many nationalities. Her mother originated from the Austrian Jews, but she actually has a combination of Austrian and Italian roots. She was raised as a Catholic but follows Judaism now. Rachel’s father descended from the Hungarian Jews.




Hedy Lamarr


Hedy’s real name is Hedwig Kessler. This actress was born to a Jewish family in the Austrian city of Vienna. She moved to the USA when she grew up. She’s rated as the “most bright person” in the list because she was filmed in the very first porn movie, eventually became a Hollywood star and then went on to invent a device which was used to develop GPS and Wi-Fi.



Jennifer Connelly


Jennifer was raised in a Jewish family, and her mother (Russian and Polish Jew) even studied at yeshiva, learning Talmud. Her father has Norwegian and Irish roots, which has given this actress her astonishing beauty.




Goldie Hawn


It’s almost impossible to believe that this blue-eyed blonde has Jewish roots. Nevertheless, this famous pretty lady from Hollywood was raised in a Jewish family, and her mother is Jewish.


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Adorable Sarah, with her unique and sad eyes, is the most unusual member of our list because she has Jewish blood but doesn’t identify with Judaism, or any other religion.





Scarlett Johansson

The sexiest actress in the USA, she identifies as Jewish and loves to celebrate Hanukah. Even though her father has Dutch roots, her mother is from a Jewish family from Belarus and is an Ashkenazi Jew.



Elina Bystritskaya


She was renowned as the most beautiful actress from the USSR many times. Elina was born in the city of Kiev and worked mostly in Moscow. Incidentally, her parents, Abraham and Esfir, have totally Jewish ancestry.


Elizabeth Taylor

This actress had Jewish blood, and spirit. She was American but was born in London. She had a Swiss mother, and her father was a Jew, but she received a Christian education. When she was 27 years old she decided to return to her Jewish roots, because she was not able to solve her spiritual problems through Christianity.


Eva Green


This sophisticated French actress identifies as Jewish. Her father had a French mother, and his own father was from Sweden, however, her mother, who also was a famous actress, was born into a Jewish family in Algeria. She raised her daughter strictly, following the laws and traditions of Judaism.



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