The Average User of Social Networks, Who are They?

The average user of social networks, who are they
The average user of social networks, who are they

It Will Surprise You Who Is Really Using Social Media

General facts about social network users: revenues, hobbies, habits, languages they speak, their style and preferences, their opinion about animals and travels.


Unusual facts about social network users discovered through surveys and interviews.

Russian website, ImhoNet, interviewed the owners of 200000 social network accounts, asking them about their lives, favorite things, choices, lifestyles and behavior. All results were divided by the social networks that were used to participate in the survey: Facebook, VK, Twitter.






It looks like social networks are slowly displacing television, because 40% of the respondents do not watch TV at all. And while 25% of the respondents are still watching TV, they now watch less than 60 minutes per day.



Facebook users prefer classic shoes by GEOX, Ecco, and Carnaby. The members of VK are usually more fit, or at least try to appear more sporty. At the same time 15% of the respondents prefer Nike, Adidas and Reebok. Only 3% of the respondents from all of the social networks reported that they buy designer clothing, like Prada or Chanel. Around one third of respondents do not buy shoes from popular brands.



5% of the respondents can afford to buy an apartment, a house or a car. 35% of the respondents can afford household appliances, but not a car or an apartment. 33% of users are earning such low salaries that they can’t even afford a washing machine. The users of Twitter are the wealthiest, because 8% of the respondents earn enough to be able to buy an apartment or a house.


Public presentations

2/3 of all social network users prefer to avoid participating in public performances or presentations. The most emotionally stinted are users of Twitter — 58% of the respondents don’t like making public presentations.


Foreign languages

More than 50% of users can speak another foreign language. While 67% of Facebook and Twitter audience can speak more than one foreign language.


The average user of social networks, who are they?


Trips and travels

Social network users really love to travel! 20% of the respondents travel somewhere at least once a month, while 35% of them travel at least twice per year. Only one sixth of users never leave their hometown.


Social activity

The users of social networks are not really active while offline: only 25% of the respondents participate in the local administration of committee meetings. The users of VK are the least active – 13%; Facebook users are more active – 15%, while users of Twitter are the most active – 20%.


Watching Olympics

The majority of social network users will choose to watch the Olympic Games. The most popular sports are figure skating and gymnastics – 32% of the respondents from Facebook and 32% from VK. At the same time, 20% of Twitter users watch football.



What a surprise! Social network users are reading a lot: 25% of respondents read more than 3 books per months; 30% — 2 or 3 books, and 50% — only one book.





Favorite recreational activities

In this part of the survey users shared information about their favorite activities during their free time. Only 10% of respondents chose sports. 20% of them like to visit the theater, while 50% – attending a concert of their favorite artist or band.


Operating systems

There was no need to add this to the survey, as the survey system was able to gather this information automatically: 80% of users are using Windows, while MacOS was installed only on 10% of computers. However, 20% of Twitter users have MacOS on their devices.



The average user of social networks, who are they?
The average user of social networks, who are they?



Every fifth user of Twitter and Facebook has a mobile device produced by Apple, while the same number of users plan to buy such device soon. The audience of VK appears to be really against iPhone: 70% of the respondents don’t have any Apple product and they don’t plan to ever buy any.


Opinion about new arrivals and previously used equipment

The audience of Twitter is the most innovative: 20% of the respondents are ready to buy new flagship models, and try to be the first to do this in every aspect. 80% of the social network users are ready to wait for lower prices, time-testing, and some of them are prepared to buy previously used devices.



Surprisingly, 50% of respondents had never heard about podcasts (audio blogs), while VK had over 55% of such unaware users. At the very same time one third of users listened to podcasts, while 22% of them listened on a regular basis.


Tie a tie

Only 4 social network users out of 10 knew how to tie a tie.


Profanity and adult language

Around 90% of respondents preferred to avoid using bad words in their lexicon.



Surprisingly, more than half of the users on social networks really love to dance, while the users of Twitter dance the most — 62% of the respondents.


Comparing with animals

50% of the respondents compared themselves with cats, while 18% of them – with dogs. 40% of users do not have any animals at home; however 33% of respondents are hav at least a cat.

It turns out that the audience of Twitter is the most wealthy, initiative and educated.