Most Talentless and Tedious Female Stars – Top Six List

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The 6 Most Talentless and Tedious Female Stars
The 6 Most Talentless and Tedious Female Stars

How did these talentless and tedious women ever become mega-stars?

What does it take to achieve celebrity status when you are tediously dull and utterly talentless? These women apparently hold the secret to how to become immensely famous for doing absolutely nothing.

With nothing intelligent to say and nothing unique to bring to the world, these women follow in the footsteps of the likes of Brenda Frazier and Zsa Zsa Gabor.


The 6 Most Talentless and Tedious Female Stars
The 6 Most Talentless and Tedious Female Stars


They are attention magnets and through this alone attract wealth. The old cliché “it’s not what you know but who you know” rings loud and true.

So what exactly did these six women do to achieve stardom? We will try to explore this question so to find out, below.


1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian shot to fame after the hit reality TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” went to air. She is the daughter of a wealthy lawyer who is most well known for working on the O.J. Simpson trial in 1994.

Essentially, with her Daddy’s money, she can afford to make herself surgically and cosmetically beautiful. Add to that an obsession with taking non-stop semi-pornographic selfies, and she has found herself in the center spotlight.

What thrust her to mega-heights was her marriage to rap star Kanye West. West apparently isn’t fazed by her sex tape that got “leaked” in 2007, that shot her to her initial notoriety.



2. Paris Hilton


Before Kim Kardashian, there was socialite Paris Hilton. In fact, Hilton believes that if it weren’t for her, then Kim would never have become a star.



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Hilton is the quintessential heiress. She initially shot to fame after the release of a sex-tape and went on to appear in various tacky reality TV shows.

She even tried her hand at pop stardom. Someone should have told her not to quit her day job. But then, what is her day job? Oh, that’s right, her day job is being an expert at doing nothing of value.


3. Courtney Stodden

When Courtney Stodden was 16, she decided to marry a man who was 51. And because she looks like a human sex doll, this obviously shot her into the limelight.



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Life has me by the hair and it dragged me to this tranquil creek #relaxing ☀️💦❤️

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She started out in beauty pageants and then tried her hand at modeling. But apparently, she knew that having fluff for a brain would not get her too far doing that alone.

And like all talentless stars, Stodden did a stint on Celebrity Big Brother. Desperate for more fame, scandal, and notoriety, she even enabled a solo sex tape to be “leaked.”


4. Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna began as a stripper and urban model, appearing on the front of a few magazines. Ultimately, this got her noticed by Drake, who name-dropped her in one of his songs. Suddenly, Chyna had her ticket into the limelight.



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More for your camera roll ….

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She then became a favorite to appear in many rap music videos and ended up in a relationship with rapper Tyga. But Chyna found another way to give herself more fame.

She latched onto the Kardashian bandwagon in 2016 and gave birth to Robert Kardashian Jr.’s child. They have since split, but she continues to ride those fame waves for no real quality reason at all.


The 6 Most Talentless and Tedious Female Stars
The 6 Most Talentless and Tedious Female Stars


5. Tila Tequila

How this talentless empty-headed idiot became famous can only be explained as “sex sells.” Tila Tequila is in truth a disgusting human being, underneath her massive boobs. Because that’s all, there is to like about her, if you are into boobs. And not all of us are.

Tequila shot to notoriety after coming out as a Nazi sympathizer and flat earther. Those two things alone should alert you to the lack of brain cells in her skull.

Nevertheless, she presents such a titillating pornographic image; many men can’t help but want to look at her. It appears that a female being tedious and stupid isn’t important to what interests most guys when it comes to women.


6. Kelly Osbourne

The Rock and Roll version of the Kardashians was The Osbournes. Kelly Osbourne leaped to fame after her famous rockstar dad Ozzy Osbourne, and mother Sharon decided to expose their family life to the world as a reality TV show.


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Kelly was essentially born into the status of celebrity and has cashed in on it, her whole life. She uses her family connections to work in the television and music industry. She also has tried her hand at fashion design.

Maybe she found it hard to make a name for herself after her parents had paved the way for their success? However, in contrast, her older sister Aimee managed to find success on her own merit, despite avoiding taking part in her family’s reality TV show.