The 12 Most Hardcore Stoner Celebs

The 12 Most Hardcore Stoner Celebs

The 12 Most Hardcore Stoner Celebs
The 12 Most Hardcore Stoner Celebs

Many celebs love to smoke a joint of marijuana occasionally, but some stars are totally hardcore stoners.


Many celebs have been vocal in their support for the legalization of pot, and there has been much debate over marijuana use throughout the last century. Weed is safer to use than alcohol and tobacco, yet it remains illegal in most parts of the world.

Many celebs make careers out of smoking pot, frequently being characterized in film and television as the classic stoner personality. Similarly, much music depicts the love and use of weed.

We have gathered together a list of the top hardcore stoner celebs, most of whom are also fighting for marijuana’s decriminalization.


1. Bob Marley

Bob Marley, may he rest in peace, was the quintessential stoner. Weed was his religion, as it was an integral part of his Rastafarian practice.

Marley once even claimed that marijuana would “heal the nations.” He also wrote many songs about it, and he was photographed numerous times smoking the herb.


2. Snoop Dogg

Weed is fundamentally Snoop Dogg. And vice versa. He is literally the poster boy for marijuana as he has appeared on the cover of “High Times” on three occasions.

Country music and rap found common ground between Dogg and Willie Nelson, and they have appeared on each other’s albums. Recently Dogg and Seth Rogan created the website “Merry Jane” which promotes all things marijuana.


3. Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is a very vocal proponent of the legalization of pot. She also openly smoked weed in the film “Bill Durham.”

Sarandon also has stated that she would prefer her own teenage children got stoned rather than get drunk.  She also said in a  New York Times interview “I am not a drinker; I’m more of a stoner.


4. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson could be considered the granddaddy of weed. At 84 he is probably the oldest living stoner on this list.

Nelson has not only sung about his life as a stoner, but he also authored many books about his love of pot. His most daring feat as a stoner was smoking on top of the White House during the 1970s.


5. Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is another vocal proponent of the legalization of marijuana and its derivative hemp. He most recently appeared in the documentary “Hempsters: Plant the Seed.”

Harrelson also narrated an earlier documentary entitled “Go Further,” which promoted the use of pot. The documentary also revealed his personal life in which he enjoys smoking weed, and wearing and using hemp products.

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