Taurus – Zodiac Weather Report 7th-12th May 2018

Taurus astrological weather report for the coming week 7th-12th May 2018

Zodiac - Taurus
Zodiac - Taurus

Weekly Taurus horoscopes for the 7th-12th May 2018 – with a difference! We tell you the planetary weather, and you decide how you will plan around it! Will you take an umbrella? Will you dance in the rain? Or will you fall in a puddle? Same weather, different outcomes!


This astrological weather report for the 7th-12th May 2018 is for people with predominantly Taurus energies in their chart. For example, this could be if Taurus is your sun sign, rising sign, or moon sign.  By seeing what zodiac sign the moon is traveling through, we can work out which areas of life you will instinctively reflect upon for a day or two, and how the energy “weather” will interact with you.

The critical areas of life which will demand your focus this week are as follows:


The Beginning of the week

Moon in Aquarius:  Life goals, ambition, public life

Harmonious energy: You may find the perfect resource that will make achieving your life goals a lot easier.

Opportune energy: Your instincts about your life goals may impel you to spend time alone to get your thoughts together. Consequently, this could bring unexpected ideas or insights about opportunities you could take to move forward.

Conflicting energy: You may feel torn between spending time with a significant other, who makes you feel great, and spending time working on achieving your life goals. Striking a balance is vital.


Later in the week

Moon in Pisces: friends, community, ethical causes

Strong energy: When you spend time with friends, you may instinctively feel as though you do not clearly understand their intentions. It is possible they feel the same way about you. Maybe an ethical cause you have been interested in is not really what it appears to be on the surface.

Harmonious energy with opportune energy: Your significant other may help you to gain clarity regarding how you see yourself. This person feels like a natural source of encouragement. Consequently, seeing yourself in a positive light may bring an opportunity to understand more clearly the motivations of friends.

Conflicting energy: What you want, and your authentic value system may be in line with the intentions of friends. Additionally, by making yourself cognizant of your authentic values, you can discern whether or not an ethical organization you support still deserves your financial contributions.


End of the week

Moon in Aries: Solitude, blind-spots, subconscious influences

Strong energy: You may feel strongly impelled to take time out alone

Opportune energy: Taking time out alone, away from the rat race could bring an excellent opportunity to get your material world in order. A bit of spring cleaning may cause you to feel gratitude for all that you own.

Conflicting energy: Time spent alone may also make you cognizant of the limits of your consciousness. Remembering that there is an “outside of the box.” will help you to maintain patience and prevent cognitive dissonance.