Taurus – Zodiac Weather Report 13th-19th May 2018

Taurus astrological weather report for the coming week 13th-19th May 2018

Zodiac - Taurus
Zodiac - Taurus

Weekly Taurus horoscopes for the 13th-19th May 2018 – with a difference! We tell you the planetary weather, and you decide how you will plan around it! Will you take an umbrella? Will you dance in the rain? Or will you fall in a puddle? Same weather, different outcomes!


This astrological weather report for the 13th-19th May 2018 is for people with predominantly Taurus energies in their chart. For example, this could be if Taurus is your sun sign, rising sign, or moon sign.  By seeing what zodiac sign the moon is traveling through, we can work out which areas of life you will instinctively reflect upon for a day or two, and how the energy “weather” will interact with you.


The coming week is particularly significant, and your universe will shift irreversibly


The celestial “weather” this week signifies a move to a new generational “season.” Mid-week, Uranus will enter Taurus for the first time in several years. Uranus is the planet of change. Furthermore, its unpredictable nature brings unexpected events, rebellions, revolutions, and general chaos on both the micro and macro levels. If you think back to around seven years ago, you may see that your life was in a radically different place to where it is now. A change occurred to bring you where you are today. We are currently on the precipice of another such monumental change.


The critical areas of life which will demand your focus this week are as follows:


By the end of the weekend:

Moon in Aries:  Solitude, blind-spots, obstacles, subconscious influences

Conflicting energy: When you exercise your instinct to take time out alone from the world, you may find yourself feeling conflicted by a new more profound wisdom, that requires from you to overcome cognitive dissonance.

Opportune energy: Taking time to remind yourself of your authentic values will bring you comfort and indulging in self-care will be beneficial.

Focus altering energy: Your feel your innermost, deepest voice has been trying to get your attention about profound changes that are about to occur. Spending time in contemplation may not be simple, as you feel as though you are about to decide whether or not you should come out of a metaphorical cocoon. However, you will reach a point where you will verbalize something that you felt trapped inside. This will happen almost like an announcement that will lead you to the beginning of a radical revolution of your identity.

Conflicting energy: Inner moodiness may be more visible to others than yourself. Consequently, you may receive what feels like an aggressive reminder that you must widen your consciousness. You are being encouraged sternly to move forward, despite reluctance that you battle inside.

Strong energy: Your instincts sense that there is no going back, and a catalytic incident you experience when alone may confirm this for you.


The beginning of the week

Moon in Taurus: Identity, how others perceive you

Strong energy: Instinctively, you verbalize who and what you believe you are. It is as though you are making an honest admission about yourself.

Harmonious energy: Maintaining firm boundaries are extremely important and beneficial to you at this time and serve to accommodate the new wisdom that you feel authentically represents you.

Opportune energy: Opportunities to visualize new friendships arise, as you recognize that you need to remove any false friends from your circle.

Projected energy: A significant other appears to be a source of optimism, and you mirror that positive energy back to them.

Harmonious energy: A more profound wisdom, and higher philosophy feel as though they are flowing through your veins, and your expanded consciousness shines out through the light of your eyes.

New Moon energy: Your intuition concerning growing into a more evolved person overpowers any instincts you may have to hold back from this essential growth.

Universe changing energy: A catalytic event will directly alter your perception of yourself. Consequently, this may cause others to see you in a new light. This may make you appear chaotic to others, for a period, and the unpredictable nature of your universe may become unnerving at times. But you are about to emerge from your cocoon as the person you have always meant to be.

Harmonious energy: You strongly feel that the new wisdom that you have accumulated gives you no choice but to move forward into an exciting unknown.


Later in the week

Moon in Gemini: Material resources, your authentic values

Focus altering energy: The direction in which you actively wish to move is in the area of your life goals. You stride forward, taking the first step in a ladder that you hope will lead to your success.

Focus altering energy: There is no turning back. You may initially feel some trepidation as you step out in public after a life-changing event. Possibly, you feel that this event changes the very essence of who you are. But you have no choice. While there is no gun at the back of your head, you know that there is only one path to take, and that is into the future.

Conflicting energy: Initially, your friends may feel disillusioned by any changes they are witnessing in you. Some may become wishy-washy, and some may disappear. Initially, this could be painful at first. However, you will find in the long run, that those who till now have held you back, have merely lost their grip and fallen away. Those that support you will remain.

Strong energy: Your instincts are firmly in tune with your authentic values and self-worth.


The end of the week:

Moon in Cancer: Communication, learning, short journeys

Opportune energy: Instinctively, you feel as though you have a cognitive understanding of the radical changes that are occurring in your personality.

Combined Opportune and Oppositional energy: You can declare what your boundaries are, and communicate these to others, despite any resistance.

Harmonious energy: You may feel instinctively connected to friends who are on a more spiritual wavelength. Potentially, you provide one another with visions for the future, and possibly a way the world could become a better place.

Harmonious energy: Conversations with a significant other are an excellent source of positive energy for you.

Oppositional energy: You instinctively seek to clarify deeper wisdom that resonates with you. Potentially, this may help you to help others understand what this means to you.

Focus altering energy: You are moving into a short period where you will value communicating with others. You will enjoy learning new ideas and concepts.

Universe changing energy: You have an excellent opportunity to communicate your authentic values to others. This can help them understand the radical new changes to your personality.