Monday, September 16, 2019
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The Kilauea Volcano fissure that formed on the west flank of the Pu'u 'O'o cone after the volcano erupted following a series of earthquakes over the last couple of days in Hawaiiii

Hawaii on High Alert after Day of Earthquakes, More Lava Fissures

By Terray Sylvester PAHOA, Hawaii (Reuters) Hawaii's Big Island was on high alert on Friday evening after the Kilauea volcano spent a day spewing lava into...
An aerial view shows Io Yama erupting in Miyazaki prefecture

Japanese Volcano Erupts, Spitting Out Smoke and Rock; No Injuries

TOKYO (Reuters) A volcano in Japan erupted on Thursday, shooting clouds of smoke and rocks into the sky, and prompting authorities to ban access...
An aerial view shows Shinmoedake peak erupting between Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures

Japanese ‘James Bond’ Volcano Shoots to Thrill

TOKYO (Reuters) A Japanese volcano which featured in a 1960s James Bond movie shot smoke and ash thousands of metres into the sky on Tuesday,...
Lava flows from the crater of Mount Mayon volcano during a new eruption in Legazpi city

Philippines Prepares for Three-Month-Long Volcano Emergency

By Ronn Bautista and Roli Ng LEGAZPI CITY, Philippines (Reuters)  The Philippines is bracing for a possible three-month-long emergency in areas around an erupting volcano, which...
New Fascinating Volcanoes Discovered In Antarctica

New Fascinating Volcanoes Discovered In Antarctica

Edinburgh University researchers discovered more than ninety unknown volcanoes under the western coast of Antarctica.   Cone shaped structures, assumed to be volcanoes line the...