Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Tag: poor air quality

People wearing masks dance amid heavy smog during a polluted day at a square in Fuyang

China Cuts Smog but Health Damage Already Done: Study

By David Stanway SHANGHAI (Reuters) While China has made progress cutting smog, the damage to the health of millions of people may already have been...
A man wearing a respiratory protection mask walks toward an office building during smog in Beijing

Air Pollution around Conception Tied to Birth Defects

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) Women who breathe polluted air during the month right before or after they get pregnant may be more likely to...
Firefighters keep watch on the Thomas wildfire in the hills and canyons outside Montecito, California

California Wildfire Fight Aided by Better Weather

By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters)  Thousands of weary firefighters, battling a deadly 2-week-old California wildfire that ranks as the third largest in state history, welcomed...
An airplane weather-vain propeller spins from the heavy winds from the Thomas Fire in the hills outside Montecito California

OMG! Thousands Flee as Wildfire ‘Beast’ Grows to California’s Third-Largest

By Caroline Anderson VENTURA, Calif. (Reuters)  A raging California wildfire powered by fierce winds grew into the third-largest in state history on Saturday as forced evacuations...