Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Tag: marijuana legalization

Droplets of oil form on the surface of a marijuana plant at Tweed Marijuana Inc in Smith's Falls

Patents on Pot? U.S. Lawsuit Puts Cannabis Claims to The Test

By Jan Wolfe (Reuters) In October, the U.S. government issued Axim Biotechnologies Inc a patent for a cannabis-based suppository to treat irritable bowel syndrome Britain's GW...
A woman holds marijuana for sale at the MedMen store in West Hollywood

Medicine or Vice? Socially Screened Funds Struggle to Define Cannabis Industry

By David Randall NEW YORK (Reuters)  Is marijuana a medicine or a vice? The $8 trillion U.S. socially responsible investment industry is grappling with that question as...
A man smoking marijuana through a mask during a Global March for marijuana in Bogota

Secondhand Cannabis Smoke May Cause Allergy, Worsen Asthma in Children

By Rob Goodier (Reuters Health) Secondhand marijuana smoke appears to have provoked a cannabis allergy and worsened the asthma of a 6-year-old child, researchers told the...
A sign warning travellers about crossing international borders with cannabis is seen at the Ottawa International Airport

More Precaution than Promotion for Canadian Cannabis Tourism

By Anna Mehler Paperny TORONTO (Reuters)  Canada's move to legalize recreational marijuana this week is unlikely to immediately trigger a flood of pot-fuelled tourism, as tour...
Teens are smoking, vaping and eating cannabis

Teens Are Smoking, Vaping and Eating Cannabis

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) Adolescents who try marijuana are not just smoking it. Many are also vaping or eating cannabis, a U.S. study suggests Almost...
Kids may pick up marijuana at younger age if mom uses

Kids May Pick Up Marijuana at Younger Age if Mom Uses

By Linda Carroll (Reuters Health) When mom uses marijuana, kids are more likely to try the drug at a younger age, a new study shows When mothers...