Monday, March 18, 2019
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Tag: investor in real estate

New Zealand softens ban on foreigners' home ownership in amended bill

New Zealand Softens Ban on Foreigners’ Home Ownership in Amended Bill

WELLINGTON (Reuters) New Zealand's government on Tuesday softened its stance on foreign ownership of homes, rewriting a proposed law banning non-residents from investing in...
Go Daddy founder Parsons buys revamped Arizona center for $133 million

Go Daddy Founder Parsons Buys Revamped Arizona Center for $133 Million

By Herbert Lash NEW YORK (Reuters) A real estate concern of Bob Parsons, founder of web hosting company Go Daddy, said on Tuesday it agreed...
OMG! These 8 Men Own Half the World’s Money

OMG! These 8 Men Own Half the World’s Money

A recently study conducted by Oxfam discovered that it is just 8 men who hold the equivalent wealth of the 3.6 billion poorest people...