Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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A prison watchtower is seen at Reau penitentiary

France Asks Google to Pull Photos after Helicopter Jailbreak

By Brian Love PARIS (Reuters)  France has asked Google to remove photos of prisons from the internet, including one from which a notorious criminal known as...
A special police officer stands guard in front the jail of Sequedin near Lille

France ‘Jailbreak King’ Snared after Hollywood-Like Helicopter Escape

By Emmanuel Jarry PARIS (Reuters)  A famous gangster who escaped Hollywood-style from a French jail by helicopter was captured on Wednesday after a three-month hunt that...
Eighteen killed in Russian helicopter crash in Siberia

OMG! Eighteen Killed in Russian Helicopter Crash in Siberia

MOSCOW (Reuters) Eighteen people were killed in a helicopter crash in the Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia on Saturday, the aviation watchdog and emergency services...
Crane lifts a helicopter after it crashed in Beijing

OMG! Pilot ‘Steered Helicopter from Crowds’ before Beijing Crash

BEIJING (Reuters) A civilian helicopter crashed into a parking lot in the Chinese capital on Monday after the pilot managed to steer the aircraft...
French army helicopter crashes in Ivory Coast, 1 dead

French Army Helicopter Crashes in Ivory Coast, 1 Dead

PARIS (Reuters)  A French military helicopter crashed in Ivory Coast while on a training mission, killing the pilot and seriously wounding a second crew member,...
Metal fatigue caused fatal Airbus helicopter crash - Norway final report

Metal Fatigue Caused Fatal Airbus Helicopter Crash – Norway Final Report

OSLO (Reuters) The crash of an Airbus Super Puma helicopter that killed all 13 people aboard was the result of metal fatigue in its...