Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Poverty may partly explain disparity in heart defect outcomes

Poverty May Partly Explain Disparity in Heart Defect Outcomes

By Linda Carroll (Reuters Health)  Hispanic infants with certain heart defects have worse-than-average outcomes, and the disparity may be linked with their family's reliance on public...
Don't pick doctors based on where they went to medical school

Don’t Pick Doctors Based on Where They Went to Medical School

By Carolyn Crist (Reuters Health)  Where a doctor went to medical school in the U.S. doesn't predict how well that doctor's patients will do, a new...
Doctors don't always recognize ‘financial toxicity’ of cancer

Doctors Don’t Always Recognize ‘Financial Toxicity’ of Cancer

By Linda Carroll (Reuters Health)  U.S. doctors must realize that many cancer patients battle "financial toxicity" along with their disease, researchers say The costs associated with treatment,...
Singapore disconnects healthcare computers from the Internet after cyber attack

Singapore Disconnects Healthcare Computers from The Internet after Cyber Attack

By Fathin Ungku SINGAPORE (Reuters) Singapore has disconnected computers from the internet at public healthcare centers to prevent cyber attacks of the kind that caused...
Beds lie empty in emergency room of Tulane University Hospital in New Orleans

Yes, It’s Harder to Sleep in The Hospital

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) Hospital patients get a lot less sleep, wake up more frequently during the night, and rise earlier in the morning...
Sticking with the same doctor may extend patients' lives

Sticking with The Same Doctor May Extend Patients’ Lives

By Anne Harding (Reuters Health) Seeing the same doctor over the years helps people live longer, suggests a new international study "We had nine different countries...