Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Diet soft drinks tied to lower odds of colon cancer recurrence

Diet Soft Drinks Tied to Lower Odds of Colon Cancer Recurrence

By Carolyn Crist (Reuters) Colon cancer patients who drink one or more servings of artificially-sweetened beverages a day have roughly half the risk of their...
'Invisible' stool blood tied to increased risk of premature death

‘Invisible’ Stool Blood Tied to Increased Risk of Premature Death

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) A screening test for colon cancer that looks for "invisible" blood in stool may also predict a heightened risk of...
More activity, healthier diet tied to extended survival after colon cancer

More Activity, Healthier Diet Tied to Extended Survival after Colon Cancer

By Anne Harding (Reuters Health)  Colon cancer survivors with healthier lifestyles may live longer, a recent U.S. study suggests "Colon cancer patients who followed the American Cancer...
Secret Superpowers of the Humble Olive

Secret Superpowers of the Humble Olive

Did you know that the humble olive packs some serious superpower health punches?   The humble olive commonly becomes relegated to being a pizza topping or...
Top 10 Most Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

Top 10 Most Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

As individuals, we all have the liberty to choose the kind of foods we eat, which is great. Unfortunately, most of us assume that to...