Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Tag: college entrance exams

Tokyo medical university cut women's exam scores to curb numbers - media

Tokyo Medical University Cut Women’s Exam Scores to Curb Numbers –...

TOKYO (Reuters) A Tokyo medical school systematically cut women applicant's entrance exam scores for years to keep them out and boost the numbers of...
Teachers in red tee-shirts talk with a student before he enters the venue for the annual national college entrance examination, or "gaokao", in Beijing

Chinese Students Sport Nike in Turnout at ‘Gaokao’ Exam

By Ryan Woo BEIJING (Reuters) Lu Mengqi showed up for the first day of China's annual college entrance exam, known as the "gaokao", in a...
Home School Payoff for 10-Year-Old Chinese Prodigy

Home School Payoff for 10-Year-Old Chinese Prodigy

Chinese Prodigy at 10-Years-old Zhang Yiwen is a 10-year-old girl from China’s Henan province. With the help of her supportive parents, Zhang has registered as...