Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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A farmer prepares to open a cocoa pod in Ntui village

Exclusive – Cameroon Cocoa Exporters, Farmers Flee Crisis in Anglophone Region

By Ana Ionova and Josiane Kouagheu LONDON/DOUALA, Cameroon (Reuters) Cocoa firms operating in Cameroon have moved staff out of the Anglophone region of the country...
A cocoa tree bearing fruit is seen in a plantation in a farm in Medicilandia

Chocolate Forests – Can Cocoa Help Save The Amazon?

By Marcy Nicholson and Marcelo Teixeira NEW YORK/MEDICILÂNDIA, Brazil (Reuters) For years, Valdomiro Facchi has made a living ranching on land carved from the Amazon rainforest....
Yoffre Echarri holds cocoa beans on the roof of his house in Caruao

Gourmet Chocolate Becomes Economic Lifeline in Venezuela Crisis

By Corina Pons CARACAS (Reuters) In a modest apartment near a Caracas slum, nutrition professor Nancy Silva and four aids spread rich, dark Venezuelan cocoa on...